ET Pro - Player Guide


The multiview system from OSP has been added to ETPro.
Enter multiview mode: If the admin has enabled it, you may enter multiview mode while free spectator by pressing "m".
Exit multiview mode: Once in multiview mode, you may press "m" again to exit to normal free spectator mode.

The top 4 players of each team will be listed on the right hand side of the screen underneath a flag representing that team. The number represents the player's slot number on the server. Moving the mouse over the number will reveal the player's name.

Open player subwindow: move the mouse over a slot number and press mousewheeldown
Move player subwindow: you may move a player subwindow window with mouse1
Close player subwindow: mousewheeldown inside a subwindow will close it.
Resize player subwindow: you may resize a player subwindow with mouse1 + mouse3.
Swap subwindow: mousewheelup will swap the subwindow with the main view.

Colored obituaries

Obituaries are colored depending on the type of kill.
Suicides are yellow.
Team kills are red.
Enemy kills are white.

Fire support status

If a team's artillery or airstrike support is over limit, the little lightning icon under the lieutenant charge bar will turn red, indicating that artillery and airstrikes are not available. It will turn white when artillery and airstrikes are available again.
fire support ok
fire support unavailable
<- see!

Class scripting

/class command allows easier scripting for class-change-scripts.
Syntax: /class classname primaryweapon#

classname can be one of s,m,e,f,c for Soldier, Medic, Engineer, Field Ops, Covert Ops
primaryweapon# is the weapon number as it appears in the limbo menu.

Team Heavy Weapon inventory

If you get a "That weapon is out of stock." message, or if a heavy weapon in the limbo menu shows "out of stock", you may use the /weapons command to list players on your team who have heavy weapons in their inventory or who have selected heavy weapons for next spawn.

Alternate hud

Players may now select from 2 new alternate huds.
b_althud 0

b_althud 1

b_althud 2

b_althudflags controls parameters of the alternate hud.
To enable multiple flags at the same time, add their values together.
1 - moves the round and respawn timers to the alternate hud
2 - removes the player rank from the alternate hud

Hud watermarks

Server admins may watermark the player hud with a logo.
example 1
example 2
Players may adjust the alpha transparency of the watermark via b_watermarkAlpha
Setting this cvar to 0 disables the watermark entirely.

Free spectators

Free spectators may now "teamchat" to other spectators.
Free spectators may now use the quickchat menu.
The server may enable/disable free spectators ability to see player names.
Free spectators may jump to 1st person spectator view by pointing at a player and pressing +activate, press +activate again to return to free floating spectator mode


Fireteams may now be up to 8 players, instead of 6.

Player shoving

If the server has enabled it, players may shove other players by pointing at them and pressing +activate

Connection interrupted indicator

Players who have an interupted connection will display a special indicator above the player.

Per-map autoexec

When a new map is loaded, the client will attempt to execute autoexec_mapname.cfg
Players may use this feature to configure per-map configurations.

Stat saver

If you get disconnected during a campaign, stat saver will restore your XP,skills,medals,weaponstats,team,playerclass,and weapon selection when you reconnect.

Private messaging

You may send private messages to players with the command
/m playername message

playername may be a partial name match, minimum of 2 characters.
You could use this to send a message to all members with the tag [AV] in their name by e.g.
/m [av] hi clan members

You may limit the private message to members of your own team by using /mt instead of /m

cvars, alphabetical

b_althud 0 1 or 2 enable new compact alternate huds
b_althudflags 0 If b_althud is set, allows customization of the alternate hud
Add 1 to move the round and respawn timer to the alternate hud
Add 2 to remove the rank text from the alternate hud
b_chatAlpha 0.33 Changes the alpha transparency level of the text chat background
b_chatflags 1 If 1, shows a team flag near each chat line to indicate the team
b_descriptiveTextscale 0.8 Scales the limbo hud text
b_drawclock 0 Draws local time on the hud
b_drawranks 1 If 0, omits the player rank from hud playername popups
b_fireteamAlpha 1.0 Changes the alpha transparency level of the fireteam overlay
b_hudYoffset 10 Moves the hud up so it is out of the way of the demorecord status line. Set to 0 to move the hud flush with the bottom edge of the screen
b_lagometerAlpha 1.0 Changes the alpha transparency level of the lagometer
b_numPopups -1 Controls the number of popup messages on the hud.
-1 = default (for cg_drawSmallPopupIcons 0, it is 5. for cg_drawSmallPopupIcons 1, it is 8) 0 = disables popup messages entirely
n = limits number of popup messages on the hud to n
b_popupTime 1000 Defines the rate in milliseconds that popups (obituaries, objective notifications, etc) will be delayed
b_popupFadeTime 2500 Defines the time in milliseconds that popups take to fade out
b_popupStayTime 2000 Defines the time in milliseconds that popups will stay before fading
b_votetextscale 0.8 Scales the vote hud text
b_watermarkAlpha 1.0 Controls the alpha transparency of the hud watermark, if the server has enabled one
cg_drawFPS 0 If 2, enables a more accurate framerate counter which updates every second. If >2, enables a more accurate framerate counter that updates every n milliseconds