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Welcome To The Krefeld Battleground



Dear Enemy Territory,

It is about time for you to come to Krefeld, a western German city which is part of the 'Ruhrpott' close to the borders of the Netherlands and Belgium.

We are proud to have the support of a venue, that is worth to be part of your history book.

Let's make it happen.


The Krefeld Battleground is the Enemy Territory LAN event in May 2017



Event details


  • Where? Take TV Venue in Krefeld
  • When? From Friday, May 19th 10.00 CEST to Sunday, May 21st 20.00 CEST
  • What? 6on6 tournament with 10 teams and 3on3 tournament with 12 teams
  • Prizes? 2,300.00 Euro
  • Who? Tournament staff: Germany chosen, Germany stRay, Sweden Ekto, Netherlands Sebhes
  • More information about the event


image: teamoxid image: ttv_black


Sign up

We've built a website to guide you through the registration and payment process. You will receive a token to track the payment status and share payment details within your team.

6on6 tournament

  • 65.00 Euro Early Bird
  • After 28th of February: +15.00 Euro
  • PayPal fee: +5.00 Euro per Transaction (no fee for bank transfer)

►► Sign up

3on3 tournament

  • 35.00 Euro Early Bird
  • After 28th of February: +15.00 Euro
  • PayPal fee: +5.00 Euro per Transaction (no fee for bank transfer)

►► Sign up

Please contact an admin as soon as possible if you have any issues to pay until Feb 28th.


Germany Teamoxid
Germany Teamoxid silver
Poland Team Solo B
Europe xD Trickjump
Europe Elysium
Europe CatiNaHat

Europe xD Trickjump
Germany Bimbos
Germany Teamoxid
Europe 3 Amigos
Netherlands viSual
Europe Good Effort
Europe CatiNaHat



The event
Pack your things, because the Venue is booked and the date is confirmed. There is enough space to have up to 16 teams in each tournament. Of course more teams will result in more prize money and vice versa for teams less than the amount of teams we did mention. In any case we guarantee each and every single participant at least 5 matches in the 6on6 tournament and at least 4 matches in the 3on3 tournament.
Q&A Section

The venue
There are not lots of great gaming spaces but Take TV's venue in Krefeld is one of the highest standards. We will have high end gaming equipment available including monitors capable of 144hz and state-of-the-art PCs known from other events held at the venue.
YouTube playlist with information about the venue

You can donate money using PayPal or Bank and you can donate your CSGO, DOTA2 or other Steam items so that we can sell and add the money to our donations. Every cent of your donation will be added to the prize pool.


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