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» 2014 » April » 2 » WarwitchTV presents 'Classic Games'
WarwitchTV presents 'Classic Games'

This Sunday is the innaugral broadcast of 'Classic Games', brought to you by WarwitchTV. Between tournaments or when there is a free Sunday with no games, we will have the option to go back and rewatch old classic matchups live for your viewing pleasure!

The first broadcast will be, as mentioned, this Sunday at 21:00CET with pregame starting around an hour before hand - it will feature two of the most well known teams in RTCW with Sweden KiH taking on United Kingdom =118=, better known as United Kingdom Team one.soldier, in one of the most nailbiting games in RTCW history. The game was a quarter final clash in Germany twisters 'Early XMAS Cup'.

Sweden KiH Sweden FeTTe, Sweden smutzig, Norway zerom, Sweden lelle, Sweden eddie and Sweden askungen.
United Kingdom =118= United Kingdom crumbs, Netherlands 2d, United Kingdom MerlinatoR, Netherlands SeN, United Kingdom sharky and United Kingdom NecrostiX.

In a surprising twist of events, KiH came second in their group forcing a giants clash in the early rounds of the cup. The cup was Single Elimination as well, so a big team would be going home in the opening playoff round. 118 were without one man army Netherlands juncie as well as losing both United Kingdom conker and United Kingdom dusty for this cup - the additions of Netherlands 2d and United Kingdom NecrostiX were much needed. Where as KiH had most of the lineup from the previous tournament, with Sweden eddie coming in to replace Sweden ozzy.

Massive thanks go out to United Kingdom Marcus for making this all possible, great work sir - very much appreciated!

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Also requesting demos for future broadcasts: RTCW WTV Demos Request


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