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» 2015 » Juli » 23 » United Cup III
United Cup III

We are happy to present United Cup III.

The third edition of the cup will be slightly different than the previous two.

This will be the first United Cup featuring both a 3on3 and 6on6 format. In both formats, six teams will participate who will be playing in one group.

The top 4 of each format will advance to the play offs.


Tournament Structure: 6v6
Map List: adlernest / bremen_b3 / missile_b3 / radar / Supply / sw_goldrush_te
Price: €150,-

Tournament Structure: 3v3
Map List: adlernest / frostbite / et_ice / sp_delivery_te / Supply / sw_goldrush_te
Price: €60,-



Group 6on6
  • Europe 'xD Trickjump,
  • Europe erAse.et
  • Germany Rockit.ET
  • Europe TAG
  • Europe viSual
  • Germany Yermanz
Group 3on3
  • Europe 'xD Trickjump,
  • Switzerland digimans
  • Finland P*SSYBASHERS
  • United States of America STEROIDS
  • Europe viSual
  • Germany Yermanz

United Cup III Schedule


  • Wednesday, 22th of July - UC III Announced
  • Sunday, 26th of June -    1st Matchweek
  • Sunday, 2nd of August - 2nd Matchweek
  • Sunday, 9th of August -  3rd Matchweek
  • Sunday, 16th of August - 4th Matchweek
  • Sunday, 23th of August - 5th Matchweek
  • Sunday, 30th of August - UB Semi + Finals, LB Semi Final - Play offs
  • Sunday, 6th of September - LB Finals + Grand Finals - Play offs

United Cup III Schedule - Group 6on6:
United Cup III Schedule - Group 3on3:Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or suggestions about the cup. We can be reached on irc (in #ET:U) or through a Crossfire PM.

Belgium ChilAx
United States of America Foreigner
Netherlands Sebhes


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