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» 2012 » Mai » 5 » TZAC v2 has been released
TZAC v2 has been released

TZAC2 has been released and you can get it from the downloads section. You have to update, the old TZAC cannot be used anymore.

Please note that the 'Start the game' button is gone - after you login, TZAC will automatically detect a running game (only one instance at a time) and keep running in background. You don't have to run TZAC again after you quit the game and decide to play again.

Screenshot capturing is temporarily disabled and will be put back online later.

If you're experiencing problems, please ask in this topic and do not create new ones.

You can uninstall the old version of TZAC by running the uninstaller from the start menu and then deleting the %APPDATA%TZAC folder on your computer manually.

NOTE: In some cases, you may have to reboot your computer if you started the old TZAC since the last boot.

UPDATE: If you want to fix the "Cannot load the driver, try running as administrator" error message, do this:

Open command prompt (cmd.exe) as administrator and type this: sc delete tizeqdrv

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