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» 2011 » August » 14 » TZAC ANTICHEAT

A few days ago it was announced on the new TZ-AC website that SLAC would now be known as TZAC! As many have heard about this and perhaps wondered what this would mean for the Anti Cheat hopefully this will answer a few of your questions, after contacting chaplja he assured me that nothing would change for ET and we will still be part of the new TZAC plans. A new executable will hopefully be available very soon updating to the new name and branding as well as no doubt some other small updates. The new name itself derives from the developer, better known as chaplja, real name initials.

SLAC had been progressing well in the CoD4 scene and should be no different going forward with TZ-AC. It is growing all the time and will hopefully be picked up in more games soon. I contacted chaplja on IRC to get some information on how the project stands now.

 Quote: chaplja ET version will still be supported, the new site is using the old database and all games share the same database, so you don't need a new account. This change will influence decisions I can make regarding anything related to the project.

Things with COD4 are going very well, it is being used a lot now and some new games will be supported soon.. there's a lot of potential, I just need to start working more. :) As for the future, I do have many plans, yes.. but I'll be posting more info on that as the time goes on.

This is good news for Enemy Territory as this Anti Cheat has brought a bit more trust within the community compared to how it was with Punkbuster. Hopefully some more features in TZAC will come, but for now everything will be as it was, expect an update soon!

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