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» 2012 » Mai » 19 » TZAC 2.1 released
TZAC 2.1 released

TZAC 2.1 has been released

Unfortunately you are required to download the new installer, but you may install it over the existing installation.

Please do NOT use the old TZAC shortcut, it will not work. Instead, find appropriate shortcuts in the start menu folder for each game.

Start the game button and command line options are back. You HAVE TO use the Start the game button, TZAC does *NOT* detect a running game automatically. If you want to create a shortcut or pass your server browser/game launcher to TZAC.exe, this is how you should construct the shortcut:

"C:\path\to\TZAC.exe" <game id> <command line options>

Game IDs are the following:
ET - 0
COD 4 - 3
COD 2 - 4

So, if you wish TZAC to start ET and take command line options to connect to an IP, it would look like this:

"C:\path\to\TZAC.exe" 0 +connect IP
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