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» 2013 » September » 9 » TM Cup
TM Cup

In September starts an Enemy Territory event coming from the etpub community :eu The TM Cup.

The idea came to a member to organize a cup which would allow TM clan members and friends from the community to participate a 3on3 Cup. Each participants had the liberty to make their own team, and from now 12 teams applied to compete in this cup.

The schedule is based on matchweeks, where each teams are gonna face each other over the competition. Rules can be found below :

Every team will have to play against every other team. You can choose yourselves when you play these matches but beware, if you haven't played your match before the deadline you lose 2 points.
As proof that you have played a match i will need the end score and a demo provided by your team captain.

--> Any additional demo's are welcome too. They are going to be included in the aftermovie of this cup.

2 maps to be played (stopwatch), winner gets 2 points, when undecided a third match will be played. Cointoss will decide which team picks the map.
The matches will be played by the official ETpro 3on3 CB rules.
The matches will have to be played on a TeamMuppet ETpro server.
Back up players are allowed if they are announced and if the opposing teams agrees on that player as a back up.

Map pool:
> adlernest
> braundorf_b4
> erdenberg_t1
> et_beach
> et_ice
> et_ufo_final
> frostbite
> sp_delivery_te
> supply
> sw_goldrush_te

This cup's objective is to have fun, enjoy the game in a different way these people do today.

Here is a short video presenting teams :


We hope you enjoy and come visit us on Team Muppet Website
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