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» 2013 » Juni » 11 » The Allstars.pl Showmatch
The Allstars.pl Showmatch

For past few days I've been e-running around, spamming journals and stuff to get as much contribution out of Poland community as possible, did some talking with both lowskilled and highskilled people and came to certain conclusion:Polish Allstars 2013 will happen!

But before Allstars.pl will happen, we will have a very special event this sunday at 20:00 CET. Last two Poland NC captains, dialer and fanatic will both gather strongest teams possible from 2 respective sides of Poland. They will both get a side of Poland to pick from (as inspired by NBA). Poland fanatic will be captain of West and Poland dialer will take the East.

To add a bit of drama and action to what we hope will be an awesome game, we shall abandon not only supply and goldrush, but also every map that we play lately. Since this is a special game, it requires a special set of maps. The mappool for the event shall be:
  • radar
  • braundorf_b4
  • reactor_final
  • sw_oasis_b3

Excited yet? There's more. This whole thing will be shoutcasted by Netherlands Voice and United Kingdom DtS from one and only #ShoutcastCollective , so show them some support by idling the channel and like them on facebook. If you don't fancy their lovely stream, you can spectate this game live at ETTV, otherwise tune in at http://www.twitch.tv/shoutcastcollective.

image: game41202

Lineups will be announced graduately on this request, so keep your eyes closed.

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