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» 2014 » August » 31 » TEAM-PHASE eSports Cup #1
TEAM-PHASE eSports Cup #1

We're glad to announce the TEAM-PHASE eSports Cup! This cup is an 3on3 ET cup where teams fight for the honor and cash prizes!


General information

The TEAM-PHASE eSports Cup is a 3on3 ET cup with groups and playoffs. We need a minimum of 16 teams. The maximum of teams can go up with +4 (so 20-24-...) since we have groups of 4 teams in each group. We have some prize for the top 3 at the end of the cup!

Group stage

We're making groups of 4 teams each. When the group stage is finished, the first 2 of each group will go to the Playoff Stage. The maps in the groups are forced, so the maps are decided by the admins (The maps of each matchweek will come online soon).


In the playoffs the best 2 of each group will fight against eachother in a DE (Double Elemination) bracket.
The maps in the playoffs are not forced.


  • Sign-ups open: Sunday, 31st of August.
  • Sign-ups closed: Wednesday, 17th of September.
  • Groups online: Friday, 19th of September.
  • Start of the Cup: Monday; 22th of September.


To warm you guys up: take a look at the TEAM-PHASE eSports Cup intro!


Just follow those steps:

1. Go to Tournament and click on 'Your Team'.
Fill in: Name, Flag, Channel IRC, website (not needed)

After you created the team: Click again on 'Your team'. This time you'll see the team that you've made:
image: 90ub1u

2. To invite people, all members have to be registered on team-phase!
You have some place to invite the members in the 'Your Team' part (the black arrow). After you invited your members, the members have to accept the invite on the site.

NOTE: Remember rule (3) = 5 players/Team, all players have to be in the team before the sign ups are closed.

If you have questions about signing up or inviting members, just ask one of the admins on #team-phase .


TEAM-PHASE sponsored € 150, where we add 100% of the donations!
More info about 'how to donate' will come soon!


Feel free to contact the admins if you have questions or suggestions about the cup!
Admins: France aacid, France drkje & Belgium ChilAx
You can contact us on #team-phase .

TEAM-PHASE eSports Cup

This is a general quote from www.team-phase.com/news
image: 4i0m4m

image: panel-36977866-image-92b8eaf60962f363-320
There is some problem with the paypal. Go to http://www.team-phase.com/Tournament - Rules, number 9) Donations and click the paypal logo there.


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