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» 2015 » Oktober » 23 » RTCW Venom V4.0 - GOLD
RTCW Venom V4.0 - GOLD

Born to be a compilation of the best stuff for Return to Castle Wolfenstein in its first release,

this mod improve graphic, gameplay and AI of enemies with all possibility of the old Id Tech 3, keeping original game elements.



Definitive version for vanilla engine of Return to Castle Wolfenstein with lot of optimizations,

new stuff, HD textures and weapon pack and new effects for SP/MP mode.



- RTCW Venom Version 4.0 - GOLD

The mod include:

  • Widescreen patch 1.42c by Knightmare. (ONLY FOR SP)
  • Ported HD textures, weapon pack and effect for WolfMP!
  • HD skins, reflective leather uniforms and traslucent armors, HD helmets, some improved vehicles.
  • HD textures for all weapons by OSJC, TehSnake, AidenDemon, modified for shader support.
  • Enhanced shader effects for all weapons and environment (metal surfaces, armor, floors, etc).
  • New mg42 model ported from Wolfenstein: ET.
  • New mp40, thompson and fg42 3rd person models.
  • Ported items from WolfMP and Wolfenstein: ET.
  • Radical revision of AI for all levels.
  • Implemented detail textures on materials (required r_detailtextures 1).
  • Implemented and improved additive effects for levels and characters.
  • Corrected and improved all shaders on characters, improved environment.
  • New HD effects, blood and muzzleflashes.
  • HD crosshairs and autoexec.cfg file for max graphic quality with better colors, fixed hunkmegs.
  • Upscaled original textures with new shader effects and HD textures from Eugeny pack 0.4 and Return to Wolfenstein v0.03 by AidenDemon modified for SP and MP play, now 70 % game textures replaced.
  • Deleted all provisional files and increased number of effects, optimized now.
  • Retextured 60% of mapobjects with different effects ( U-boot, electric chairs, gold items, aircrafts, generators, and much more).
  • All effects made for original engine game Id Tech 3.
  • Full compatibility with other mods and iortcw.


Copy all the content like it's in your Return to Castle Wolfenstein folder: put autoexec.cfg, mp_pak6-7-8 and sp_pak4-5-6-7 in the folder called "Main", the rest where you find "WolfSP.exe". Also rename "WolfSP.exe" in "Wolf SP.exe" if you have low framerate in game (Windows 7-8 users). For use my mod with others mods and engines just take ONLY mp_paks and sp_paks to put in "main" folder.


by HEllBaron89




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