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» 2015 » Januar » 16 » RtCW SP Mod: Flying Saucers
RtCW SP Mod: Flying Saucers

RtCW SP Mod: Flying Saucers - 10 playables and 2 cutscenes

This mission pack is a fantastic adventure having as background the mystical flying saucers.

About Russian soldier whose name Alex Barbariskin must capture the German documentation and deliver the experimental piece of the flying saucer.



This is the first and probably final release of Return to Castle Wolfenstein: Flying Saucers mod.

An amazing trip to heart of Third Reich war machine and good adventure for all Wolfenstein fans. This mod is pretty smart and hard,

not for all but some of you really need to use your brains to proceed forward.

Brilliant game and level design, huge maps and smart secrets, missions. Try it and get the challenge.



by Depro777


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