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» 2012 » Februar » 22 » RtCW Onedaycup #5
RtCW Onedaycup #5

The eZbash 3v3 Cup, an RtCW Onedaycup that has been held 4 times so far, and has been successful in the past, to fill that lazy Sunday with joy! To get you warmed up, you can watch bully's amazing new RtCW Community Movie, which has a lot of 3v3 footage from last months.

Date: 26 February 2012
Format: 3v3
Map pool: te_frostbite, mp_ice, te_escape2, mp_beach, new: adlernest_b3
Signup: Reply here with team name & players

Check in: 15:30 CET
Brackets: 16:00 CET
Start: 16:00 CET

Tip: if you don't have a team, just idle at the channel and find other players looking for one too!
Note: A valid RtCW CD Key is NOT required!

Extra Info:
  • RtCW 1.41b Pack 2012
  • RtCW 1.4 Serverlist
  • CoverageWTV server provided by Baz.
    Rules- 3v3
    - all times are in GMT +1 / CET
    - cup format will be double elimination with a max signup of 8/16 teams, extra teams will be on the waiting
    list for afk teams
    - Teams need to check in irc at 15.30h at sunday 26/02/12, so i know who will play and not (channel: #rtcw.wars)
    - both teams eliminate maps each till 2 maps are over, which they will play
    - highseeds can eliminate first
    - new: seeds will be based upon earlier performance on rtcw
    - at 16.00h we should start with the first matches!
    - signup is open till sunday 15:30h
    - each player can only play for 1 team
    - in case of a draw after the 2 maps being played, we will play another map till somebody can win 2 sw rounds on it (or 1 in case of a double fullhold). This map will be picked by elimination again, with the 3 maps left that weren't played yet,
    so highseed eliminate 1 map again
    - lowseeds can decide if they start attacking or defending on first map, second map will be the opposite of first map.
    - in grand final the upper bracket winner is the highseed at all times!
    new: in grand final the loser bracket winner must win 2x to be the winner.
    - you can play your match on another server (needs osp 0.9 and pb atleast) but do mind that both teams need to agree on that and you'll need to inform & get permission from an admin
    - no blocking of doors on purpose and any cheats are forbidden ofcourse
    - no panzerfaust
    - players need to use their real nick & tag with the clan they are playing for
    Past WinnersSeason #4 Winners
    Gold curb Stompers w/ crumbs, Clown, Jam, mAno, MerlinatoR
    Silver No Pressure w/ Kris, mata, mystic
    Bronze flowerpower w/ homie, askungen, bully & Tuna Lordz w/ abort, dialer, iNert

    Season #3 Winners
    Gold No Pressure w/ kris, vaf, mystic
    Silver AMIGOS w/ fro, mata, pudi
    Bronze Cave w/ islam, sirkka, doom

    Season #2 Winners / Season #2 Aftermovie
    Gold curb Stompers w/ crumbs, merlinator, clown, urtier, sharky
    Silver No Pressure w/ kris, jam, mystic
    Bronze AMBITIOUS w/ Sipperi, mata, pudi & eZbash w/ puma homie karma

    Season #1 Winners
    Gold rasta w/ fro, phate, bully
    Silver BloodBrueders w/ jack, abort, raul, pdeKle
    Bronze No Pressure w/ jam, vaf, mystic
    ServersFixed Private -;password beach
    WolfMP OSP Public -
    WolfMP OSP Public #2 - (still shrubservers atm)
    #dMrp.public OSP FREE KEY -
    dFw* War Server - (reserve)

    WolfTV Server - ipsoon
    Contact & links#rtcw.wars
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