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» 2014 » Februar » 17 » PS 3on3 ETPro League
PS 3on3 ETPro League

On Saturday, the 22nd of February 2014 16:00 GMT+1 the Prime Squadron 3on3 ETPro league will start and will be played over 3 days, ending on Monday, the 24th of February around 22:00 GMT+1

Sign-up with your 3 man team at http://prime-squadron.tourney.cc


  • All matches are played in ETPro Stopwatch 3on3 mode with the global 3on3 config.
  • After sign-up teams will be separated to groups randomly unless there will be 7 or less teams, then it will be held by normal playoff tree. In the group matches are 2 with each team, match at home (team pick on what maps they want to play) and match away (opposing team picking maps).


  • adlernest
  • braundorf_b4
  • erdenberg_b2
  • et_ice
  • et_beach
  • frostbite
  • sp_delivery_te
  • supply
  • sw_goldrush_te

After the group stage the gameplay turns into a cup stage (play-offs).

  • The match is played on at least 2 maps. One SW round (attack/defence) will be played on each map. Team which wins cointoss will choose side.

  • In case the game is tied after the first 2 maps, an extra round MUST be played on one of the remaining maps from the map list. The third map will be selected using the elimination system. The winner of the cointoss selects the next map. When a map is selected, the team which didn't have final pick chooses who attacks first.

  • After a win, the winning team gets 2 points and the losing team gets 0 points.

  • Client net settings: Client net settings: snaps 20, maxpackets 100, timenudge 0.

  • War server: TBA

  • Schedule: TBA

  • Cup Admin(s): -|PS|-Troyan

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