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» 2013 » November » 24 » Omni-Bot ET 0.83 Released!
Omni-Bot ET 0.83 Released!




Omni-Bot 0.83 for Enemy Territory has been released.

We are pleased to announce the latest version of Omni-bot for ET has been released. Palota has been very busy this past year fixing bugs, adding features, and adding support for newer mods. The waypoint team has also been busy adding support for new maps and improving on existing waypoints.

Release Highlights




  • ETBlight and Bastard mods are supported
  • Fixed memory leak caused by GameMonkey threads
  • Fixed crash in AddBot if bot is kicked in ClientUserinfoChanged
  • Added cvar omnibot_logsize (maximal file size in KB), -1 will disable logs, 0 will overwrite file every match


Changes in Omni-Bot Enemy Territory 0.83



Version 0.83
  • 0.83 ET Change Log
  • ETBlight and Bastard mods are supported
  • === BOT ===
  • Added cvar omnibot_logsize (maximal file size in KB), -1 will disable logs, 0 will overwrite file every match
  • Added script goal property LimitToNoClass
  • Added you can pass 0 for all teams to MapGoal.SetAvailable and MapGoal.SetAvailableInitial
  • Added WeaponFireMode.AimOffsetZ
  • Changed log files are written to omni-bot/et/logs (if the folder exists)
  • Changed initialization is logged only if LogInfo is true in omni-bot.cfg
  • Changed waypoint property is cleared if value is empty string
  • Improved Server table is immediately updated when players connect or disconnect
  • Improved help command is sorted
  • Fixed memory leak caused by GameMonkey threads
  • Fixed crash in AddBot if bot is kicked in ClientUserinfoChanged
  • Fixed jumplow waypoint flag did not work at tank barrier or pile of box crates
  • Fixed weapon mask was 64-bit and could not be used for mod specific weapons, now it's 128-bit
  • Fixed InFieldOfView returned correct result only if bot had same Z coordinate as enemy
  • Fixed DrawTrajectory was not accurate
  • Fixed CalcTrajectory always returned null
  • Fixed CheckCharged parameter of HasAnyWeapon
  • Fixed Utils::ConvertString returned true even if string could not be converted
  • Fixed some console commands expected integer parameters, but got float
  • Fixed waypoint connection remained closed after blockable flag was removed
  • Fixed new connection between blockable waypoints was not blockable
  • Fixed crash if there was error in waypoints file
  • Fixed bot killed himself after command bot.Enable(false)
  • Fixed stuckage if paththrough navigation called Goto to unreachable destination
  • Fixed soldier with mortar waited forever if some aim vector was out of range
  • Fixed aim vector of mortar and script goals was sometimes imprecise
  • Fixed bot sometimes could not reload if two weapons needed to be reloaded
  • Fixed GetRandomWeapon
  • Fixed indentation in log files
  • === MOD ===
  • Added display scriptName and targetName for /entitylist command
  • Fixed fake client lua script exploit
  • === GOALS ===
  • Added target property to MOBILEMORTAR goal
  • Added coversplit property to PLANT goal
  • Added multiple aim modes for MOUNT goal, they can be set by ETUtil.SetAimModeForMount
  • Added Stance property to DEFUSE goal, can be set only from trigger and only "prone" value is permitted
  • Changed ATTACK goals are limited to 3 bots in progress
  • Changed AIRSTRIKE,ARTILLERY,MOBILEMG42,MOBILEMORTAR,SNIPE goals are limited to 1 bot in progress
  • Changed bot on CAMP goal selects his primary weapon (shotgun, panzer, ...)
  • Changed bot can say "Hold your fire" more than once per match
  • Improved priority to pick up medkits depends on current health
  • Improved ESCORT goal, stucked bot can jump or repath
  • Improved MOBILEMORTAR orientation when goal has multiple facings
  • Fixed REVIVE goal in some mods if dead players have health<=0, but don't have DEAD entity flag
  • Fixed MOUNT goal was not blackboard delayed after Timeout
  • Fixed bot killed himself if he stucked near tank and then successfully mounted the tank
  • Fixed stance property could be set to wrong values
  • === SCRIPTS ===
  • Added ability to give unique names for re-usable region triggers
  • Added sniper war and panzer war in Jaymod or n!tmod are detected in autoexec
  • Changed Util.ListTableMembers prints both keys and values
  • Fixed Server.MinBots
  • Fixed script errors when bot is kicked from server
  • === WEAPONS ===
  • Changed VENOM aim offset and aim tolerance
  • Changed engineer will not detach rifle grenade on camp goals
  • Changed weapon desirabilities
  • Fixed bots always aimed at head with mod specific weapons (shotgun, mp34, sak47, ppsh, rpd, ...)
  • Fixed bots could not use ammo cabinets when they have some mod specific weapons (stg44, mp34, m79, madsen, ...)
  • Improved skilled soldiers can reload mobile mg42 in NoQuarter or n!tmod
  • Improved melee weapon is used to attack only if distance is within range
  • Optimized some weapons cannot be reloaded and some weapons don't require ammo
  • Removed unused weapon properties
  • === COMMANDS ===
  • Added trigger_bounds command supports writing the RegionTrigger.Create function call to file
  • Added optional TRACE parameter to showentityinfo command
  • Changed command botgoal prints MapGoal name, not ScriptGoal name
  • Fixed difficulty command could not change difficulty of newly added bots, dead bots or bots waiting for a medic
  • Fixed difficulty could not be set to -1 which means random difficulty
  • Fixed difficulty could be set to 7, but maximal difficulty is 6
  • Improved command ab is much faster, it can add 20 bots per second
  • Improved command waypoint_view prints error message if drawing is impossible
  • === WAYPOINTS ===
  • 1944_huertgen
  • 2dom1
  • afd_beta5
  • ammodepot
  • barrocas_base_b8
  • byzantine
  • cherbourg
  • country_road_jp
  • denoflions_etdual
  • duplex_towers
  • es_alamo_sniper
  • es_garden_sniper
  • es_ziggurath_sniper_night_b2
  • et_mor2_night
  • field_hq_b4
  • flame-guards
  • fueldump_uvf
  • intel_center
  • kings1
  • lostparadise
  • mlb_daybreak
  • mp_base
  • mp_theriver_2nd
  • negoshk_b2
  • op_lucky_a2
  • password2
  • resurrection
  • snatch2
  • tankbuster
  • uje_convoy_final
  • uje_fantasie_sniper
  • uje_oil
  • uje_parking_sniper
  • uje_snowy_sniper
  • uje_warzone


Omni-Bot 0.831 ET Linux :


Omni-Bot 0.83 ET Waypoint Mod :


Omni-Bot 0.83 ET Windows :




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