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» 2013 » Dezember » 19 » North American ET Draft Cup
North American ET Draft Cup

I am proud to present to you the North American ET Draft Cup! This cup, which is aimed at Americans, is open to anyone, regardless of their geographic location. However, all matches will take place on North American servers and at times that work best for American players. This cup differs from traditional draft cups because rather than taking place over one day, it will take place over several weeks and be double elimination!

Signups are open until Sunday, December 29th at 6 PM EST! Captains will be announced one hour later. Two hours from that, at 9 PM EST, captains will select their team from a pool of players on #na_center.

How to sign up:

Maps for this cup include:
  • adlernest
  • supply
  • sw_goldrush_te
  • bremen_b3
  • frostbite
  • radar

In addition, the following maps can be played ONLY if both teams agree:
  • sos_secret_weapon
  • reactor
  • oasis
  • railgun
  • sw_battery_te

Our goal for this first cup is 42 signups to make 6 teams, so we need all the participation we can get!


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