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» 2013 » Januar » 27 » NEW W:ET mod: ETrun
NEW W:ET mod: ETrun

What is it?

ETrun is a Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory timerun mod.

The goal of a timerun is to get from the start of the map to the end as fast as possible.

How does it work?

ETrun has 3 different physics:
  • Vanilla (VET)

  • Vanilla Quake 3 (VQ3)

  • Advanced Physics (AP)

It's heavily based on competition between players, your goal is to get
the best times as possible and to compete with your friends.

What does it look like?


It is developed from scratch since beginning of 2012.
Source code is available on GitHub.
Last version is 1.0.0.


It's compatible and tested with ET 2.60b and ET: Legacy.
Supported client OS: Windows, Linux, OSX.
Supported server OS: Windows, Linux.


Timeruns community site: http://timeruns.net
The ETrun wiki
Official game servers: http://timeruns.net/servers/
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