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» 2015 » April » 26 » Map: Capuzzo Airport Final
Map: Capuzzo Airport Final

Capuzzo Airport has seen a lot of things:

Over 7 Years of life
10 Semi public ET versions
200 private ET versions
Way too many changes
4 different games
Many new great friends
Countless great memories
Many many take offs with the plane

But finally Sage and Pegazus can proudly present The Capuzzo Airport Final version! Thank you to everyone who participated in all these years!




January 1943 - The war in Africa is finally coming to an end.

The Allied intelligence has discovered a group of Axis engineers planning a new super plane in Capuzzo Airport.

Allies are attempting to break into the airport, steal the blueprints and escape with a Supermarine Seafire.

Most important changes:

Great gameplay
Improved FPS
More players with stability
Better looks
Fly away with the plane

Complete list of all the many changes can be found in readme file.




S&M Mapping

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