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» 2014 » Oktober » 26 » Just Pub - ET Comics - Interview with Feuersturm
Just Pub - ET Comics - Interview with Feuersturm


Since February 2006, a loyal and fervid ET Player called "Feuersturm" from Finland created an open and free website with various ET comics produced by himself.

Many hours of work and effort have been put in into a total of 89 comics for one major purpose: Keeping the burning fire of Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory alive.

But who else couldn't explain better the bloomy journey of Just Pub with its creator, than Feuersturm himself?

That's why Feuersturm fortunately allowed Dark Alchemy to make an exclusiv interview with him, leading by -)A(-FlA$h!


Interview with Feuersturm


-)A(-FlA$h!: Who is Feuersturm? Can you introduce yourself a bit?


"In everyday life, I am many things. A guitar player looking for the bittersweet riff that has eluded me for years. A realist who rather sees the world as it presents itself, relying on information and facts instead of superstition, surveying the world through odds, always keeping in mind that while we know much, we do not know all. I am introverted and socially mostly indifferent, but can appear to be quite the opposite whenever necessary. Politically perhaps insensitive, but fair. A groundskeeper every year. A gamer since the late 1980s, albeit less passionate nowadays. An admirer of all things musical and a hater of most things musical. Highly critical and always looking for ways to make something better."


-)A(-FlA$h!: What exactly is "Just Pub"?


"Just Pub is a dumb Enemy Territory comic that began in February of 2006 and slowly became a way to point out inconsistencies and faults in the game as well as celebrate variou s stereotypes and patterns that emerge within it."


-)A(-FlA$h!: How did you come up with the idea creating these comics?


"First I simply wanted to make a gag about players' grammar and the way they are miraculously able to repeat the most elementary mistakes with astounding regularity. After two or three episodes I wanted to tackle everything else as well. The earliest episodes in particular were crude and poorly constructed, but were instantly identifiable and familiar to any ET player."


-)A(-FlA$h!: How difficult was/is it to create them? Did somebody help you with it?


"At first the script for each episode was short and could be produced to completion in a matter of 1-2 hours. As I found myself writing longer episodes, the amount of work grew. Not only did the actual serverside "acting" and "filming" take more time, the post production I did was sometimes an entire afternoon's work. Writing an episode would no longer be something you did at one sitting, but instead I would find myself coming back to an episode for days until it was complete. Being someone who always keeps working on finished material, 99% of the time I did last minute change s because of a practical reason, like words of certain length that were awkward to position inside a speech bubble, or maybe a rephrased sentence was simply better for the flow of the story. Episode 089 for instance had like four alternative endings, but eventually I settled on what I believed to be the right one.

I always had help with the actors because I didn't want to start commanding an army of bots. There is a "poser-cast" on the site, which mentions most of the people who assisted me over the years. For the majority of the time people would do what I wanted them to do, but the amount of unusable raw footage was greater than you might think because there was always some wise guy who just had to pop the helmet off their co-poser, spam medpacks, commit suicide or have a spasm when all they had to do was stand still. While recording demos for one episode, Roo thought it would be funny to sabotage the whole enterprise by blowing everyone up with a panzerfaust over and over again. However on one occa sion, we could not find a private server and had to record demos on an empty public server instead, when some player joined there and offered his assistance upon realizing we weren't there to play. In the comic I think you can see him as the guy chasing his own hitbox. The guys from Hirntot let me use their private servers many times and would even set them up correctly so that we could have players wield dual pistols and stuff like that. This was most helpful.

I did all the writing and creative work alone apart from one episode which was based on an idea from Ronner and one phrase of text which was penned by Sol."


-)A(-FlA$h!: How will your future and the future of Just Pub look like? (Maybe any new plans you have/are working on)


"The future the way I saw it two years ago looked like one more episode, to make it to 90 and leave it at that. Originally I thought I'd make it to a hundred easily, but I started combining ideas and in this fashion, released fewer, but longer episodes. Had I continued releasing an 8 panel format there would have been 50 more Just Pubs, but something in the writing process always ma de me want to surpass the previous one, which meant investing more and more time and effort into the comic. A few episodes were gargantuan tasks in terms of writing and I always did the comic not for any benefit other than to get it out of my system, to create something. There's so much material I planned to use, but never did. And that's a good thing. The script for episode 090 has been almost halfway done for more than three years, but when I open the text file now and look at the dialogue, the loose ideas, everything that has to be woven together, I don't know if I want such an undertaking anymore. Then again, I always felt like I do want to finish it. Like it's almost there, just an epiphany away.

In other words, one more episode is possible, but not guaranteed. After a two year hiatus, I can't imagine anyone holding their breath exactly. I was also planning to start a blog unrelated to ET, which may or may not happen depending on how I feel about taking on new habits."

Just Pub on etpro.de

Dark Alchemy


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