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» 2014 » Februar » 15 » Infected Event #2
Infected Event #2

TeamMuppet present the second Wolfenstein: ET Infected Mod event.
Date will be Saturday the 15th of Febuary at a time of 19:00GMT.

Server IP:


Humans Team:
Once the match has begun, you need to run and hide somewhere safe.
The idea is to stay alive as long as you possibly can without being killed by a [Infected] player.
If you are killed by a [Infected] player you will be switched over to the [Infected] team.
If any of the [Humans] are alive at the end of the game [Humans] will win.

Infected Team:
The [Infected] team starts off with 1 player.
Once the match has started you may begin to hunt the [Humans].
If you see any [Humans] try everything and anything you can to kill them. Be creative!
Once all [Humans] have been killed. The [Infected] team will win the game.

Further information:

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