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» 2011 » November » 22 » Happy 10th Birthday, RtCW
Happy 10th Birthday, RtCW



The first game Splash Damage ever officially contributed to, Return to Castle Wolfenstein, is 10 years old!
RtCW, published by Activision, was released to the North American market on November 19th, 2001.

As a small treat from Splash Damage they uploaded a picture of a whiteboard with their original map design plans for one of their own map creations: The Damned. It will provide some small measure of insight into a map designers process, albeit 10 years old!





Release date(s)

Microsoft Windows
  • November 19, 2001 NA
  • November 30, 2001 EU


March 16, 2002

Mac OS X

April 2002





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