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» 2013 » August » 29 » GameStop Expo 2013 – Greetings from Las Vegas
GameStop Expo 2013 – Greetings from Las Vegas

August 28, 2013 – Over the years, GameStop has managed to survive in a difficult economy that saw the end of other stores and why not since GameStop has always made it a policy to give "power to the players.” So it’s no surprise that the retail chain holds an expo for store managers as well as the general public that has made GameStop their destination for buying, selling and pre-ordering games.

Held at the Sands Convention Center in Las Vegas, the expo opened its doors to exhibitors such as Capcom, Ubisoft, SquareEnix, Konami, NamcoBandai and well as Warner Bros. Games just to name a few game developers at hand to showcase current generation titles as well as next-gen games like Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag and Call of Duty: Ghosts.

While our band of reviewers had the honor of trying out PlayStation 4 and Xbox One games at this year’s E3, this was a wonderful opportunity for the general public to not only see both consoles up close but also get their hands on a PS4 of Xbox One controller to try their hand at Batman Arkham Origins and Wolfenstein: The New Order just to name a few titles displayed.

With both Sony and Microsoft making their presence known, both booths provided opportunities to see both consoles in action. This event was actually the perfect opportunity for consumers to see the difference between the two very different consoles for themselves.

While we here at Game Revolver do not pick sides because, hey, we’re gamers who love games regardless of the platform, it was hard to ignore the tremendous support for Sony’s next-generation console.

"Everything from the amazing graphics to the fact that the load times appear to be seamless just makes me very satisfied that I pre-ordered the PlayStation 4 over the Xbox One.” Said Andrew Fischer, 24, who was at the Sony booth.

Another gamer, Gregory Jeffries, 29, thought that the Xbox One looked good enough to give Sony a run for their money.

"I love how crisp the graphics look and the controller feels better than the 360′s controllers and that’s saying a lot right there.”

Like E3, attendees were treated to plenty of giveaways and swag to take home but also small theaters to see demonstrations of games like Watch Dogs and Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag, with the latter being a demo of an assassination mission that shows off how massive the playing map is and how seamless it is to go from land to sea and explore massive islands.

GameStop has given their customers and gamers a chance to see new games and try them out as well in an event that managed to be informative as well as fun. Here’s to next year where we hope to see what surprises 2014 will bring.


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