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» 2013 » September » 7 » #exitium.et 3on3 Cup #4
#exitium.et 3on3 Cup #4

It has been a while since the last #exitium.et 3on3 Cup was played, so i decided it's time to host another cup to bring some joy and fun among the community, if RTCW has one, why ET shouldn't have one as well. This time, this cup will serve as preparation for the upcoming Open Cup which will surely bring out a lot of good games.
Players will be able to test their skills on 3 different maps, consuming RTCW map Frostbite in Round 1, one of the new maps in the ClanBase maplist Erdenberg_t1 in Round 2 and one of the most played maps Supply in Round 3.

If the above maplist fits your taste don't hesitate to sign-up with your team and you might be just the lucky one and conquer the golden pocal. Due to the fact that there's currently no active anti cheat, every player is required to use recognisable nickname during the match, as well as every player is forced to record their in-eye demos even if the game is being broadcasted by ETTV.

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Cup date: Sunday the 8th of September 2013, 20:00 CEST
Team format: 3on3

Additional information:
ETTV: Yes ( Grand Final )
Shoutcast: No

By signing-up you agree with the rules set for this cup, which can be viewed here

The maplist is identical to new ClanBase 3on3 ladder maplist:

• adlernest
• braundorf_b4
• erdenberg_t1
• et_beach
• et_ice
• et_ufo_final
• frostbite
• sp_delivery_te
• supply
• sw_goldrush_te

Miscellaneous information:
Check-ins from 19:45 CEST onwards
Sign-ups till 19:59 CEST
Brackets at 20:00 CEST

Round 1: frostbite
Round 2: erdenberg_t1
Round 3: supply
Semi Final and Final: Both maps are selected through elimination cycle

The Grand Final will be played on ETTV and is Bo3.

For any additional assistance or questions you can query me at #exitium.et@quakenet under the name "Aniky"

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