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» 2013 » Mai » 17 » ETrun 1.1.0
ETrun 1.1.0


  • new: cvar cg_loadWeapon to restore weapon with /load and position autoloading
  • new: added custom map scripts to remove secrets on some maps (existing times will be reseted on these maps, map concerned)
  • new: added GeoIP support
  • new: cup mode support
  • new: added specific map settings. Overbounce is enabled on maps that needs it, hurt triggers are disabled in some maps.
  • new: removed save2/load2 and added a strict save/load mode, strict save/load mode is automatically enabled on original maps and disabled on other maps
  • new: draw beginning of players IP & max FPS in /players command
  • fix: doublejump loss issue
  • fix: increased crosshair names detection area
  • fix: saving demo with special characters in run names failed
  • fix: binocular bug introduced in 1.0.2
  • fix: timer bug. Best time of session when you spec somebody doing a faster time becomes your best time


Download is not available yet but mod is installed on official servers.


You can also check full ChangeLog, info about cvars, client commands and custom map scripts.


1 year of development, 1000+ commits to the Git repository.

Known bugs

  • When spectating another player that kills himself, spectators gets connection interrupted for few seconds (Issue)

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