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» 2013 » September » 9 » ETNam Booze Night
ETNam Booze Night

Back then during the Vietnam War, We Were Soldiers .. But Now .. We are a bunch of Alcoholics


And to celebrate that, another Booze night! This time on the ETnam server !!!


Ip is and we shall meet on Sunday 15th September at 19:00 GMT


Please also dont forget to join our TS server for mainly alot of abuse at each over and also i hell of alot of singing


Please make sure you are able to connect to the server before the event takes place


Rumor has it that Ben/Miraro shoots better while he is drunk .. I personaly do not think this is true as he is continuously hiding in spec :O


So come along and have a beerfull night and maybe Ben will prove us wrong, which i highly doubt
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