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» 2015 » Mai » 4 » ET United
ET United

We are very proud to present a new Enemy Territory organisation who will be actively involved in hosting cups, tournaments and LAN's for our beloved game.

After the great succes of the ET Reborn LAN we decided to team up to provide you a new competitive scene.



What does this mean?
ET United will be organizing tournaments and cups more regularly. ET United is also the name that will be used when organizing another Enemy Territory LAN.

One Day Cup
These sort of cups will be hosted on a weekly basis. Depending on the amount of sign-ups we can determine whether we host a 6on6 and 3on3 cup every week or every other week.

The first big tournament that will be hosted through ET: United is the '15 NationsCup. More tournaments will follow.

Of course we will also host another ET LAN. More information about this will also follow later.

Meet the admin crew
Allow me to introduce the four ET United admins:
Belgium ChilAx
United States of America Foreigner
Netherlands Sebhes
Netherlands timbolina

Visit our CF Group for more information on players and their roles.

Any questions, comments, or suggestions? Feel free to join and idle on our new IRC channel: #ET:U

CF ET: United Group
FB ET: United Page





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