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» 2015 » Januar » 12 » ET: Legacy version 2.72 has been released
ET: Legacy version 2.72 has been released

Two weeks after our last release we are ready to bring you a new one which includes a client crash fix,

bunch of server-side bugfixes and most notably our linux release is compiled with an older glibc,

so even users with outdated linux distributions can play ET:L.





  • Rework of download code



  • Expanded et:// protocol
  • Updated icon
  • Request servers from ET:L master server
  • Disabled SDL2 Joystick code to avoid possible crash when gamepads are connected



  • Fixed vanilla mod compatibilty
  • Fixed SV_Demo_Record_f for sv_maxclients 64
  • Added configurable attack log prints to console
  • Fixed sv_protect 1 (possibly ) and added challenge size check
  • Added part of the ioq3 com_frame code to fix cpu usage issue
  • Added option for dedicated servers to receive updateinfo packages
  • Added protection of SV_CheckDRDoS against time wrapping
  • Send heartbeat to ET:L master server
  • Don’t force snaps to 30 - use sv_fps instead



  • Removed cg_railTrailTime
  • Fixed wrong maxclients count in server browser (windows only)
  • Fixed scoped rifles generating same stats as standard rifles
  • Fixed LUA et_Damage callback not taking distance and HS into account
  • Fixed compatibility issue with older linux GLIBC versions

... we did also fix tons of defects detected by coverity.






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