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» 2015 » März » 17 » #ET-Cup

As I have already announced in last week`s post I will arrange a two day image: et ET-Cup for all the ET Reborn Lan teams only.

This cup will give you the chance to practise your aim and tactics as well as gaining some more euros for the upcoming offline event in Enschede.


  • 6v6 #ET-Cup
  • first matchday: 26th March, Thursday, 19.15 CET
  • second matchday: 29th March, Sunday, 19.15 CET
  • you can just enter if you have signed up/paid for the Reborn Lan
  • Mappool: Radar, Supply, Frostbite, Bremen, Adlernest, sw_Goldrush_te
  • make sure you can play the whole evening&with your complete Lan lineup
  • no mercs allowed - as stated above - double check if your team can surely play on those dates!
  • it will most likely be a double elimination bracket
  • the winner will gets it all (100 Euros)

To signup you have to pm me SPU9 on Crossfire,with your teamname, country and whole lineup as well as your teamlink to your Cybergamer teamprofile.

Additionally I am looking for some supporters - be it with the ingame supervision, streaming or donating some more euros to the prize pot... feel free to pm either Germany SPU9 @ Quakenet or on Crossfire!

More news to come!


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