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» 2014 » Mai » 21 » ET All Stars 2014
ET All Stars 2014

The Enemy Territory All Stars 2014 is an event where the best players of each European region will form a team to battle against other regions in a most exciting round robin and play-offs.



In this stage players are allowed to sign up for their region. Here are the requirements:
- Must have at least 1 EC in the period of 2005-2013;
- Be available at least once a week for a match.




- North (Blue);
- East (Red);
- South (Green);
- West (Light blue).

You are only allowed to sign up for the region you live in.

You can sign up by sending a PM to me with the following information:
- Nickname;
- Teams you played or are currently playing for;
- Captain: YES/NO.

Election stage:

I will pick the four captain of each region.

- I will select a total of 19 players from each region based on experience and skill;
- A team can only have 12 players in their line-up;
- The captain will pick 6 players from the total of 14;
- The community can vote for 5 players of the remaning players.

Round Robin

In this stage all the teams will play against each other. The scores of each team will decide their seeding number for the play-offs.


The playoffs stage will be ranked based on seedings from round robin. The matches will be a double elimination best of three. The grand final will be a best of five where the team that came from the upper bracket final have a one map advantage.


21 May - 1 June: Sign up stage;
1 June - 4 June: Voting stage for the players;
5 June: Teams announced;
8 June: Round Robin Semi Final matches (from like 19:00 CET - 23:00 CET);
10 June: Upper bracket final and lower bracket round 1;
12 June: Consolidation final;
15 June: Grand Final.


For the ET All Stars cup CGAC will be mandatory and all matches will be covered through CyberGamer.com. The standard 6on6 mappool will be used. Teams will select their map from the mappool they wish to play in the match.

  • adlernest
  • bremen_b3
  • frostbite
  • karsiah_te2
  • missile_b3
  • radar
  • supply
  • sw_goldrush_te


Prize pool

You can help donate for this edition of the Enemy Territory All Stars. The money donated will go 100% to the prizepool of the ET All Stars.

50% of the money donated;
30% of the money donated;
20% of the money donated.

So for each €10,- each player is awarded:

For donations to the prizepool please hit the link below. The donations will be 100% used for the prizepool. Thank you very much for the donations!

image: panel-36977866-image-92b8eaf60962f363-320



Netherlands timbolina - €20,-


If you have any feedback regarding the tournament you are more than welcome to give me this feedback on CrossFire or on IRC.

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