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» 2015 » November » 28 » ET 1on1 Ladder
ET 1on1 Ladder
The ET 1on1 Ladder has officially opened since 26th of November


I am very happy to announce the new ET 1on1 Ladder.

First of all I want to thank United States of America Foreigner for what he has done for us, Thank you man!

I would like to thank everyone for their feedback and opinions, we talked a lot about the rules and some of them are changed.

We're still very impressed by the amount of sign-ups in such a short time period.
So far the 1on1 ladder is a success, Let's hope it says in this way.


Important rule:
The CyberGamer Anticheat (CGAC) is mandatory in all matches on the ET 1on1 Ladder.

Not using CGAC will lead to a forfeit win for your opponent, and a cancellation of the match.

Click here for more Rules

The ET 1on1 Ladder Maplist:

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or suggestions about us.



You can find us here:



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