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» 2010 » Dezember » 2 » Map: Erdenberg b1
Map: Erdenberg b1


After a few geeky months, a new map is finally finished. It was planned to require teamwork and usability of all classes. The map is tested and proven playable on 2on2, 3on3 and 5on5 forms.




 Quote: Story The axis are holding a small town of Erdenberg as one of their headquarters. With the power of two Flak88 cannons they are firing down the allied supply planes. The allies are now sending a special crew to disable the enemy cannons and take over the town in order to continue their battle.












 Quote: adeto The map has potential and looks great. Needs real testing before I can say it's a good map but it looks like it can be better then missile or dubrovnik.




 Quote: niSmO  Personally i think Erdenberg has the potential to be a regularly played map in CB and ESL competitions. The first stage combines strategy and luck well to make an unpredictable introduction, and it steadily gets more teamwork-based as the map goes on. the idea of using two plants on the same stage of a map to win has not been used as often as it should in my opinion, and this should be a good test as to how it would work in competition. So overall, a good map, definately worth a play!



 Quote: DerSaidin Erdenberg has potential as a 3v3 or 5v5 comp map. The second phase in particular offers a variety of defensive positions to choose from, providing some variation in strats.





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