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» 2014 » Juli » 14 » Double Dutch Dragons Sunny 1on1
Double Dutch Dragons Sunny 1on1

The Double Dutch Dragons Sunny 1on1 is an event where the best individual players of the world will battle against other players in a most exciting round robin and play-offs.


Double Dutch Dragons Sunny 1on1



In this stage players are allowed to sign up for the tournament.

How to sign up?

You can sign up HERE (please take in mind that only 16 players divided in 2 divisions (2x8) will be allowed in the tournament).

Once you have been accepted in the tournament you need to register on the CyberGamer tournament page via this link.
1. Create Team;
2. Click Community Teams;
3. Select “Double Dutch Dragons Sunny 1on1”
4. Set up your profile.

Once you have done this click on Join Ladder to finalize your sign up!

Round Robin

There will be a maximum of 8 players in each division. The admin of the tournament will determine which players will be allowed to participate in the event. Each week one match will be played. Players do not have a wildcard.

In this stage all the players will play against each other. The admin will generate a CG matchlink and put the game on GamesTV. The scores of each players will decide their seeding number for the play-offs.

There will be a total of two divisions. The skill level of each player will determine in which division they will be playing.


The playoffs stage will be ranked based on seedings from round robin. The best 4 players from each division will continue to the playoffs. The matches will be a single elimination best of three. The grand final will be a best of five where the team that came from the upper bracket final have a one map advantage.

Each week one match will be played.


14 -20 June: Sign up stage;
21 July: Groups announced;
21 June – 1 September: Round Robin Matches;
1 – 8 September: Playoffs Semi Final;
8 - 15 September: Playoffs Grand Final;



  • Our tourney.cc page (http://drgnsunny.tourney.cc/) will be used for round robin and playoffs stage.
  • Banned CG players are not allowed to participate in the cup.
  • All matches must be played on GamesTV.org
  • Noshows will be given 15 minutes after scheduled starting time. If your opponent is not there contact an admin.
  • Each team is allowed to have 1 spectator.
    For any questions please join #gMen
  • A players gets disqualified after there has been evidence of any kind of bug abuse. (proof must be given with a screenshot/record!)
  • Global1on1 config will be used on all matches (/callvote config global1).
  • The semifinals and final will be broadcasted on www.gamestv.org
  • In case of a double fullhold, an elimination system of the mappool is used to decide what map is played. The winner of the cointoss gets to vote the map (between 2 options)
  • If teams can't agree who attacks first, make a cointoss vote
  • For any further questions, or unclear statements, you must contact an admin.




  • ctf_multi
  • ctf_well_v2
  • mp_sillyctf
  • badplace4_rc
  • te_valhalla_beta3


Prize pool

Division 1

Division 2


If you have any feedback regarding the tournament you are more than welcome to give timbolina this feedback on CrossFire or on IRC.

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