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» 2014 » Oktober » 30 » CWELAC

Welcome dear ET players.

You must already heard about new upcoming Anti-Cheat project which is Clan War Electronic League (CWELAC).



In brief what does CWELAC do:
- at first run it will ask you only once about User License Agreement
- manually and automatically Taking SS (in-game window only)
- generates unique ID for each player in main ET folder "cwelac.key"
- generates Dynamic-Link Library file in main ET folder "cwelac.dll"
- CWELAC uses modificated *.pk3 file of each mod
- collect user appdatas durring the game
- scans user memory durring the game

Supported MODS:
- ETPro
- ETRun
- N!tmod
- NoQuarter
- silEnT

Software known BUGS:
- textures are crashing on loading screen after proceed vid_restart command
- game is crashing randomly on startup (need your help for test to find a root cause...)

TODO list of AC:
- optimization of code to reduce client "lag" on SS take
- search & fix any bugs

- authorisation system (login/pass) to increase security of individuals
- create a completely new level of quality league portal (http://cwel.org)
- co-operating TS3 with the portal to increase reliability of each users in official matches

We started our test server to improve our software and release first public version in close future. Thats why we need your help now, so... test and play! Report to us any bugs, malfunctions, suggestions.
It's required to run the application with administrator privileges, otherwise it will crash the application!

CVARS available:

Feel free to CONTACT us on:
irc: #cwel @ quakenet.org
TS3: cwel.org


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