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» 2016 » Januar » 28 » CGAC - Version 2.1.1 Released!
CGAC - Version 2.1.1 Released!

As the title says, new version of CGAC anti-cheat has been released.

Unfortunately everyone who has already been using it will need to install the program again.

Reason for this are numerous backend changes and a new license agreement.

DOWNLOAD LINK: http://eu.cybergamer.com/files/7077/

Been working on new update for last two months and not gonna bore you with technical details and things you don't need to know,

so here are just the most interesting changes for public:



  • Added uninstaller and better setup system.
  • Ton of code optimizations. Fixed several important memory leaks as well.
  • Site news will now load after the client interface has been initialized, startup time should be significantly reduced by this change.
  • You can now open site news by double clicking them.
  • Added support for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.
  • Client now supports Steam. Origin can be added in future as well.
  • Program is now compatible with both EU and AU site. Will retrieve closer site on first run based on your IP. You can change default server in Settings.
  • In DirectX based games (CoD2/CoD4/CS:GO) screenshots are now captured a lot faster, but its mandatory to have DirectX Runtimes installed.
  • Better files system, in last versions there was a lot of redundant code which extended update time.
  • Screenshots now have basic infos printed on transparent background.
  • Added hand cursor while hovering over links.
  • Added Settings. From there you can reset config, change hotkeys, default server (before login) and behavior of the program after game closes.
  • From now if the game is already running, you will need to close it before you can launch it through program.
  • Upon launch the process affinity is now set to maximum for games that have a problem with it. (CoD2 only atm)
  • Program should now launch all the games with admin privileges. This should fix some weird problems like no keys, default configs etc.
  • Updater has been redone from scratch, will now only update files that are missing, in future it won't delete anything except old CGAC files anymore.

For people who have a slow download problem during update, the program will now auto-open links with latest portable files.

This is somewhat a quick fix, we're looking into moving CGAC server on the new host.

What about future plans? Have already started work on stuff such as kernel-mode drivers and own virtualization tool for better protection,

but since these are more complicated things, it might take a while until they're done.




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