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» 2014 » Dezember » 19 » CGAC - Version 1.6.0 Released
CGAC - Version 1.6.0 Released

We are proud to present version 1.6.0 of the CyberGamer Anticheat!

A lot of improvements have been made since the release of 1.5.5 about five months ago.

We've spent the past few weeks in beta testing and are confident that this version will be the most stable and efficient one yet.



Please follow the instructions below to start using CGAC v1.6.0.


  1. Download the program from this page (or here if that one doesn't work).
  2. Extract the .zip file.
  3. Make sure you have .NET framework 4.0 installed. If not, you can download it here.
  4. Run CGAC.exe.
  5. Enter your user ID, auth key, and match ID in the appropriate boxes. Select the correct game from the drop-down menu.
  6. Click LAUNCH, wait for CGAC to log you in, and start the game when told to do so.

To find your user ID and auth key, go to your Extended Profile page and click Game IDs in the GAME DEFAULTS section.


- Call of Duty 4 no longer has Visual C++ dependency.
- Call of Duty 2 no longer needs the black screenshot fix.
- No installation is required to use CGAC.
- CGAC will now automatically update to the latest version every time you run it.
- During the match, the CGAC window will stay open and display match information as well as players from both teams currently running CGAC.
- CGAC no longer supports Windows XP. If you are an XP user, please update to a more modern and secure operating system.


If you experience any issues, please make sure you add an exception to your antivirus, have extracted the .zip file, and are running the program as administrator.

Please refer to the FAQ on the newly updated CGAC page if you have completed the above steps and are still experiencing issues. For further help, open a support ticket.


This version of CGAC not only collects data such as hardware information and running processes but also takes screenshots. These screenshots are in-game only and won't be shared with anyone outside of the CG admin team. Again, no desktop screenshots will be taken - even if you minimize while CGAC is running.

CGAC will once again be mandatory in all official CG EU ET ladder matches starting in January 2015.


CGAC - Version 1.6.0 Released



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