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» 2014 » Oktober » 18 » CF RTCW 3on3 Championship: Season 2
CF RTCW 3on3 Championship: Season 2


After a bit of delay the CF Championships will be taking place from early November until late to mid December. Below gives a lot of details and aims for the tournament, hopefully we will be able to bring you something to play, watch and follow up until the end of the year.

Sign Ups
Teams Needed: 4 (NOT first come, first served - teams may be turned away)
Divisions: Based on sign ups (hopefully two)
Sign ups Open: 18/10/2014
Sign ups Close: 25/10/2014

The main division is aimed at premium teams, this is to stop some teams being put off with signing up. The best teams will be in a division of their own. This being said, a high majority (if not all of) the donations towards the Championship will go towards the top division.

To sign up please message me here on crossfire - teams must consist of 3 players only (an extra player can be used at a later date if needed, but until a 4th player is actually used they are not part of any roster) Once a 4th player is used they are locked into the roster and a team may not use any more.

Tournament is free for all to sign up but players and teams must realise that games will be played on servers provided by the tournament within the dates of the games - there are no wildcards for this tournament either, so unless you feel you can organise you and your team well for the 6 or so weeks of the tournament please do not sign up.

Buying Teams
Teams Sold by: 29/10/2014
Schedule made: 26-30/10/2014

Just like in the last tournament teams will be sold to raise an initial prize fund of around $100 for the tournament this is to gaurentee a prize fund and add a little bit of fun for the community. Owners will get to name their team with some small guidelines as well as come up with a tag, if they wish, for their team. Just like the last tournament the buyers will the teams will be allocated on a name out of the hat basis based on prospective owners order of choice on teams available - This will probably be done on Thursday 30/10/2014 in which we will have a showmatch of sorts as well.

Match Schedule
First Game Week: 3rd-6th November (earliest)
Last Game Week: 15th-18th December (latest)
Maps: Ice, Frostbite, Sub, Escape2, TBA, TBA (unfinalised)

Above dates mark the earliest and latest the tournament will start and finish. Depending on sign ups the dates might be narrowed. Also take into account there is already an ODC planned for 21st of December (this may be scrapped if teams and casters are burnt out though, will have more info on this closer to the time)

Games will be played just like the last cup, Monday to Thursday, this is to free up Sundays for bigger tournaments (People who play ET are likely to sign up also). All other rules etc. will be used from the last tournament pretty much.

Tournament donations will be open again just like last time which had a massive response raising over $1,000 for the prize fund. Donations will mainly go towards tournament prizes (minimum of 90%) but some money may go towards server costs for the tournament.

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