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» 2013 » Dezember » 25 » CF ET 6on6 Christmas Cup 2013
CF ET 6on6 Christmas Cup 2013

I am happy to announce the Crossfire ET 6on6 Christmas Cup 2013! This is a one-day cup which will take place on Sunday the 29th of December.

General Information

Format: 6on6
Date: Sunday the 29th
Time: 20:00 CET
Size: 6 / 8 teams (or more, depending on number of signups)
Structure: Single-elimination Playoffs

Signups will close on Sunday at 19:30 CET. Sign up by sending me a PM on Crossfire with your team's name and 6-player lineup!


Check-ins will start at 19:45 CET. Check in by PMing me on IRC at #crossfire with the name of the team you signed up with and what you got for Christmas!

Brackets will be created on Challonge and published at approximately 19:59 CET!

Schedule & Maps

Since this is a Christmas cup, I've chosen a few winter maps which will hopefully make things fun for both the players and the viewers!

Round 1: northpole
Round 2 (if 10 / 12 teams): et_ice
Semi Finals: Each team selects a map from the maplist!
Grand Final: Each team selects a map from the maplist!

Maplist: The fourth map is up to you! Comment below with your choice of the following: et_village / fueldump / railgun


  1. At least one player from every team must idle on #crossfire.
  2. Each team's lineup must be approved by the admin team. We will consider rejecting signups from teams who intend to play with banned players or known cheaters.
  3. All matches must be played on ETTV. The admin team will request each game and provide servers.
  4. Spectators are not allowed on the matchserver and should join the ETTV server instead.
  5. Failure to show up within 15 minutes after match time will result in a noshow loss.
  6. Players are not allowed to play for more than one team in the cup - no exceptions!
  7. Cheating or abuse will result in a forfeit loss.
  8. A cointoss will take place before each map. The winner of the cointoss chooses which side to start on.
  9. If there is a tie (double fullhold after one map or 2-2 after two maps), the decider will be frostbite.
  10. Teams must check-in before they are allowed to play.
  11. UAC is not forced but can still be used if both teams agree.
  12. Any issues should be reported to the admin team before the start of the match.

Admin Team

Slovenia Aniky
Canada embarrassed
United States of America ohurcool
Czech Republic t4Mj

Merry Christmas!

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