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» 2014 » November » 19 » American ET: A New League for the Americas
American ET: A New League for the Americas

Since the beginning of competitive play in the Americas, more than a dozen different leagues have supported our beloved game. Beginning with CAL, the scene has had a rich history of active leagues with strong players and teams. However, the last league that was hosted for American players was more than 3 years ago. Despite a short-lived boost of activity in 2011 into the middle of 2012, a new league was never formed. After speaking with many active and inactive ETPro players in the Americas, AET was born.

American-ET.com is not intended to simply be a league; it's a meeting place where old and new players can connect, where old friends can reminisce, and where American ET players can once again have a place to call their own. However, providing a fair and fun competition for anyone who wants to play is also among our goals. As long as there are sufficient teams to compete, the goal of AET will be to continue to hosting cups throughout an ever-evolving community.

Without further ado, that brings me to the announcement of the American ET 6on6 League: Season 1. Many of the specifics to this cup regarding format are impossible to know at this time. Depending on the amount of signups, different formats will be considered; however, I will give some general guidelines in this announcement.

Participants should expect to play this cup for about 8-12 weeks, depending on the amount of signups. In the rather unlikely case of an extremely high amount of signups, the format will be modified in an attempt to stay within this timeframe. Each week will have one scheduled match; teams should schedule this match with their opponent as soon as possible. If a match is not scheduled by Thursday at 10:00 PM EST, it will be forced to Sunday evening and both teams notified. Because availabilities can vary, however, each team is given one wildcard in both the group and playoff stage to be used at their discretion.

I will be acting as the main admin of AET Season 1. Canada Tomun, former TWL ladder admin and Team Canada captain, will be joining me as a helping hand and match referee.

You can sign up to play in the league here: http://american-et.com/forum/thread-14.html



You can view current registrations here: http://american-et.com/forum/thread-9.html


You can search for a team or players here: http://american-et.com/forum/thread-15.html

Signups are open as of now and will stay open until December 21st at 10:00 PM EST. The first matchweek will begin on December 29th.


Good luck to all players, and may the best team win!
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