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» 2014 » Februar » 18 » 3on3 World Cup: Qualifier
3on3 World Cup: Qualifier

The 3on3 World Cup is an initiative by gentleMen eSports to crown the Wolfenstein Enemy Territory champions. The qualifier and playoffs stage are being held online with the Grand Final taking place in April of 2014. The winning team will be crowned the 3on3 World Cup winners. 23 teams from North America, South America, Europe and Australia will be measuring up at the World Cup Playoffs after having qualified through their regional competitions.

gentleMen eSports proudly presents

Qualified Teams

Australia Team Australia
image: 108_1265044749

Australia Midas
Australia Pedro
Australia riCo

Austria Team Austria
image: 84_1265045086

Austria DrLagAlot
Austria DonMatthias
Austria jaN
Austria Scorch

Canada Team Canada
image: 110_1297438671

Canada anim
Canada CrimZon
Canada Empty
Canada monkey
Canada Tomun

Chile Team Chile
image: 111_1265038769

Chile Adoeuken
Chile hanS
Chile nArcox
Chile Switer

Columbia Team Colombia
image: 4496_1297438989

Columbia David
Columbia Paper
Columbia torM

Estonia Team Estonia
image: 88_1265045042

Estonia MCLEOd
Estonia subbi
Estonia yEnch

Iceland Team Iceland
image: 112_1265044442

Iceland Fifty
Iceland j3zt0r
Iceland phyzic
Iceland rNz

Israel Team Israel
image: 94_1265044478

Israel destiny
Israel FrAgOn
Israel justice
Israel Matan
Israel RenegAde

Norway Team Norway
image: 113_1265044631

Norway Domi
Norway Exztra
Norway Vj
Norway Zodiac

Portugal Team Portugal
image: 100_1265041371

Portugal azerty
Portugal muntarii
Portugal R0th
Portugal sensez
Portugal setuper

Sweden Team Sweden
image: 104_1233015052

Sweden alexL
Sweden jonas
Sweden NuggaN
Sweden sAvage

Switzerland Team Switzerland
image: 105_1265044668

Switzerland Aquila
Switzerland GirlzJE
Switzerland olmp
Switzerland TAu

Nation Qualifiers

Czech RepublicCzech Republic
NetherlandsThe Netherlands
United KingdomUnited Kingdom
United States of AmericaUSA

Qualifier Stage

During a period of 2 to 3 weeks all of the Nation Qualifiers matches will be covered. All these matches will be added to GamesTV.org and all players will be using CyberGamer AntiCheat. Nations that have 4 or less sign-ups will use the Round Robin and nations that have more than 4 sign-ups will be using a Double Elimination One Day Cup.

CyberGamer Tournament:
You can find all brackets and groups via this URL: http://eu.cybergamer.com/event/4211/gMen-3on3-World-Cup/extended/

Please keep in mind that some brackets might still change, so be patient for one of the admins to add your matches. If the scheduled match does not fit in your schedule, please contact an admin with another proposal.

Maplist (=CG 3on3 maplist):

Every match each team picks their map from the mappool

If you have any questions regarding this stage, please contact an admin.

Belgium Kenzi
Netherlands timbolina

image: barlogo #gMen

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