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vsp stats

vsp stats processor is a multi game - log analyzer / stats generator / log parser. It can process log files from several games including Quake 3 Arena (q3a), Halflife 1, 2, Counter Strike Source (hl), Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory (wet), Return to Castle Wolfenstein (rtcw), Call Of Duty, COD: United Offensive (cod), Medal of Honor Allied Assault, MOHAA: Spearhead, MOHAA: BreakThrough (moh), Soldier of Fortune 2 (sof2), etc. It reads the log files generated by a game and displays various game statistics. vsp also supports both server logs (ex:- games.log for Q3A) and client logs (ex:- qconsole.log for Q3A).



VSP extracts statistical and other data from the log files of games and mods based on id’s Tech 3 engine by utilizing MySQL and PHP.

The stats system can track individual player stats, weapon usage details,

medals and awards for the best/worst players, individual skill points,

individual map/round details, hitzone stats and many many more.



To successfully use VSP, your server must have a version of MySQL 5.x and PHP 5.x released in 2009 or later.

You will need to customize the following files to suit your server (i.e., Server name, IP and Port, etc,):

  • pub/configs/cfg-default.php: Connection to database, ftp (if any), general options for your site and several options for the parser.
  • pub/include/playerBanList-default.inc.php: List of banned players – not recommended.
  • pub/include/playerExcludeList-default.inc.php: List of excluded players.
  • pub/themes/bismarck/skins/*: Skins of the theme.
  • pub/themes/bismarck/all.inc.php: Portions of the site presents in all the pages: header, footer, menu, credits, etc.
  • pub/themes/bismarck/settings.inc.php: Some settings that affects the pages.

Optional Configuration:

  • pub/games/q3a/awardsets/default/default-awards.php: Awards definition.
  • pub/games/q3a/skillsets/default/default-skill.php: Skills definition.



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