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Statsgen 2

Statsgen 2 is a Statistics Generators for Call Of Duty 1/2/4/5, MOHAA, Spearhead, Wolfenstein/Enemy Territory and Quake Wars. Statsgen automatically downloads the server logfiles, processes them using a flexible template system, and then transmits the resultant webpages to the webserver. Templating allows the pages produced to be very flexible to fit in with the style of your clan website.

Other features include:
Game Server Messaging - Sends messages to your game servers stating who are the top scorers.(COD1, COD2, COD4, QuakeWars)
Fully Customisable - Awards, skill and score weightings are all customisable to give you as much flexibilty as it can
Alias Editing - Combine player names together when they gain rank
Clans - Assign players to clans and see the clans scores
Cheats - Automatic dropping of cheats (using Punkbuster Banfiles)
Learns - In most cases if new weapons, maps, gametypes are encountered they are automatically catered for




StatsGen 2 is an online game Log File Parser.

It reads a games logfiles, processes them and produces highly customisable HTML pages to display detailed statistics regarding a players kills, deaths and activities (bomb plants etc).



StatsGen works with several different game formats including 1: Call Of Duty 1 / United Offensive
2: Call Of Duty 2
3: Call Of Duty 4
4: Medal Of Honour / Spearhead / Breakthrough
5: Wolfenstein Enemy Territory / Return To Castle Wolfenstein
6: Quake Wars

It is capable of automatically adapting to new mods in virtually all cases (shrub mod, MEFY mod). Pretty much all the settings are configurable such as weapon names, score and skill weightings, award characteristics and web page format.

StatsGen can download from multiple servers of different types and also download multiple game logfiles for each server to allow for complete flexibility.

On certain server types (currently COD1, COD2, COD4, Quake Wars) StatsGen can periodically send messages to the game server(s) to tell players who are the top dogs - the contents of these messages are completely configurable giving feedback to your game server making it more interesting and popular.

StatsGen can be run in scheduled mode on your pc or game server requiring no intervention from the user.

StatsGen is completely free, no advertising, no spyware, no hidden costs.

(c)Shaun Jackson



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