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MLB Temple Sourcefiles
MLB Temple



MLB Temple is an upgrade of Marko's [FuN] temple map.
Lowlife ripped the entire terrain and remade it from scratch while Marko & Bob worked on improving the tank bridge system...

Allies spawn at a small little camp with tents on the top-left side of the map.
There's a damaged tank close to that area. It has to be repaired and escorted over to the temple which is on the bottom-left part of the map.
They'll have to build a bridge to help the tank get across the canyon.
The tank bridge is now built according to the fueldump scheme...
It's a 2 stage construction system.
Also, when it's fully built, a dynamite won't destroy it completely...
This means players can still get across it even if the tank is blocked on the other side
Allies then get past a desert outpost with a tank barrier, go round a fort (middle-right on the command map)
to finally get to the temple (which occupies all the bottom left part of the map) and blow the main entrance door.
All teams will then spawn inside the temple and action will take place over there.
Allies will have to reach the sarcofage room, breach the sarcofage steal the gold it contains.
They then have to return it to the tank...

by Marko, Lowlife and Bob le Roux
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