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MLB Carnage Sourcefiles
MLB Carnage



MLB_Carnage is a remake of the "Return to carnage canyon" map originally created by Marko.
Lowlife completely remade the terrain, the terrain shaders and the sea whereas bob added a
B-17 bomber to the map. Marko worked on structure only in order to change the map layout (not a
maze like the original version used to be).

Just like the previous versions, allies attack on this map. They spawn on landing crafts and have
to make their way up the canyon to the 'No Man's Land' area. Lowlife added a back path in the
mountains to avoid the canyon congestions with artillery and airstrikes, provding allies with a
secured back path that takes them above the main canyon bunkers. The trenches flag has been
moved to a side bunker, avoiding the huge spawn killing which was a major issue in the previous
versions of the map. After having captured the trenches, allies will have to head to the axis
base where a radio beacon has to be set up. Once constructed, the B-17 Bob made flies up the
canyon, drops a bomb and breaches the bay doors to the underground basement of the map. From
that moment, allies gain a permanent spawn in the basement and axis forces are pushed back to
the final objective, a sea battery. The battery access is protected by a massive gate which is
locked with a magnetic seal. The only way to get past it is to destroy the power generator
located in the basement. The battery only lies a few feet away....



by Marko, Lowlife and Bob le Roux
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