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MLB Beach Sourcefiles
MLB Beach


MLB Beach is an upgrade of Marko's [FuN] Beach map.

Lowlife ripped the entire terrain and remade it from scratch, adding a nice sandy beach texture in addition to smooth sea water with an opacity gradient.

He also focused on altering structures to gain FPS on the beach landing section.

Marko fixed a few bugs and focused on improving the gameplay on the last section of the map.

Bob fixed the scripting bugs, mainly the command post one that was a flaw in fun beach final....

MLB beach is a map designed for large scale carnage over the D Day Theme.

Allies spawn on the left part of the map above in the landing crafts and have to fight their way up the beach.

They have 2 bunker doors that they can blast to enter the Axis beach base.

Once in the enemy base, they can capture a forward spawn flag which will let them spawn closer the the first primry objective: a ventilation power generator.

Breaching it will stop the fans from rotating and let the whole team infiltrate into the Axis back base.

The last section of the map is a fight to destroy a radar located behind the beach defenses.

Allies have several ways of getting up there and can capture a forward spawn area to increase their offensive power...


by Marko, Lowlife and Bob le Roux
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