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Capuzzo Airport Final Sourcefiles
Capuzzo Airport Final






Capuzzo Airport Final - 1943 Brief

January 1943 - The war in Africa is finally coming to
an end. The Allied intelligence has discovered a group of Axis engineers
planning a new super plane in Capuzzo Airport. Allies are attempting to
break into the airport, steal the blueprints and escape with a
Supermarine Seafire.


Steal the Secret Blueprints for the new Axis Airplane.
Primary Objective: Use the Radio to contact the Pilot.
Primary Objective: Escape with the Secret Blueprints in a Supermarine Seafire.
Secondary Objective: Destroy the First Tank Barrier.
Secondary Objective: Destroy the Second Tank Barrier.
Secondary Objective: Establish a Command Post to receive a spawn position.

Primary Objective: Prevent the Secret Blueprints from being stolen.
Primary Objective: Prevent the Allies from sending a radio message.
Primary Objective: Prevent the Allies from escaping with the Secret Blueprints.
Secondary Objective: Prevent the First Tank Barrier from being Destroyed.
Secondary Objective: Construct the Second Tank Barrier to slow down the Allied Attack.
Secondary Objective: Prevent the Allies from establishing a Command Post.

Allied & Axis Forces

Supermarine Seafire
Churchill Avre Tank

Messerschmitt Bf 109G-2/Trop
Focke Wulf 190A
Opel Blitz


The Creation of Capuzzo Airport

The making of the Capuzzo started in January 08. Sage had always wanted to attack from the area behind the gate at the end of Oasis, and Capuzzo was there to fill that. After some hard planning and work, we had the first terrain and the city, without knowing what to have after the city. After hard work fixing the brushwork and tweaking the city, the project was halted and we started working on several other projects.

One map in progress after Capuzzo was an Airport-map. It basically consisted of an airport, that was partly as it is in the final product, and a short part of canyon leaving from it. It was clear by the time that Airport was supposed to be attacked, but we had no idea why, how and what to have before it.

We were banging our heads against walls to figure out a good start for Airport. That was changed while Sage was out on his regular smoke break and had an idea of combining Capuzzo and Airport togethor. At first it seemed like a really crazy idea, but we decided to do it and connect them with canyons. After we had seen the results we got convinced, but it clearly was missing something crucial and the gameplay didn’t seem to be as good as we wanted. The canyons were too long, the travelling was lacking action and different routes. We shortened the terrain, but we ran out of ideas and after that the map was quickly halted again.

After a long break we thought of getting back to this project. As we had noticed that a lot of things need instant changes and new ways of entering parts of the map was needed, we had to get back to the drawing board. The Caves were created as an alternative route which gave us quite a lot of headaches and sleepless nights. We also added some cover to the route and modified the canyons a lot again and the command post area was added along with several other changes.

After redoing many parts again and again the map is finally getting near to finish state, if everything works out as expected. We currently are looking into more testing and balancing. We will know more about it soon.

The process of making this map has been a fun and a long journey and a great experience. This map has quite often gave us a headache and has caused a lot of arguing. But we will certainly, after getting this map done, be missing the project. We both think that it is time to move on, and we are thrilled of getting back to our other projects.

by {SSF}Sage & Pegazus

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