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1024^3 Sourcefiles
1024^3 mapping competition 2004
Maps :
thecave by seven_dc
ctf_bunker by Red*Uk
ml_chapel by MindLink
Ascent by [TFA]Violator
Bazaar by Detoeni
kadesh by joops sloop
mml_claustrophobia by Go-Gerbil
Rules : 
  • Playable on W:ET
  • Max. 1024³ in gtkradiant
  • Filesize max 4mb (pk3 size)
  • The map must include source (.map) file
  • The map must follow naming issued in this forum example. The textures must be in textures/mapname
  • Map must have somekind of objective.
  • The map must support LMS gamemode
  • The map must have at least 8 spawns for each team
  • The map must be overall acceptable quality, no missing textures, models. No scripting errors.
  • The winner is decided as a vote on forum damages forum: Level Design for Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory.
  • The competition is held only if 3 (three) or more maps is contributed.
  • The contributed maps that are agreed into competetion are gathered together into one pk3 and distributed free of charge.
  • The source (.map) files are distributed in separate package.
  • The main combo coordinator (Seven_dc) check the maps so that they are valid for the competition.
  • The deadline of the competition is (28.2.2004 20:00 EET)
  • The coordinator helds right to change any of these rules as he sees fit.



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