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Enemy Territory Console Commands & Cvars

  • CVAR is the actual console variable
  • default is the default value of the CVAR
  • description of what the CVAR does

  • Table of contents:

      CVAR explanations

      b = bani for etpro cvars

      CVAR default description
      b_altHud 0 chooses an alternate HUD layout, valid values: 0, 1, 2, 3 (editHUD)
      b_altHudFlags 0 bitmask for various HUD settings, 1 = move round timer, 2 = hide rank, 4 = move messages
      b_antilag 1 controls whether shots are lag-compensated by the server, valid values: 0, 1
      b_backupcvars 1 controls whether backup files are made when etpro cvar restrictions are applied, valid values: 0, 1
      b_chatAlpha 0.33 defines the alpha of the chat text, valid values: anything between 0 and 1
      b_chatFlags 1 when set to 1, team flags are drawn by each chat message, valid values: 0, 1
      b_chatsounds 0 enables a sound when players use text chats, valid values: 0, 1
      b_cmdwarnings 1 enable/disable notifications from the tjl_* commands
      b_debuglocations 0 bitmask to enable debugging/design aids for location names, 1 = draw a bubble sprite at each location marker, 2 = add a dynamic light at each location marker, 4 = draw floating text at each location marker containing the location's name, 8 = send updates to other players when a location is added, deleted or renamed, 16 = accept updates to locations from other players who are using b_debuglocations 8
      b_demo_autotimescale 1 timescale to switch to when a weapon set in b_demo_autotimescaleweapons is fired
      b_demo_autotimescaleweapons 0 bitmask to automatically change the timescale when a certain type of weapon are fired, 1 = Panzerfaust, 2 = Grenade, 4 = Dynamite, 8 = Mortar, 16 = Smoke grenades and airstrike markers
      b_demo_dynamitecam 0 attach the camera to this type of weapon during demo playback, valid values: 0, 1
      b_demo_dynamitecounter 0 draws a floating counter above armed dynamite during demo playback and when spectating as a shoutcaster
      b_demo_followxDistance 50 x camera offset when attached to a weapon
      b_demo_followyDistance 0 y camera offset when attached to a weapon
      b_demo_followzDistance 20 z camera offset when attached to a weapon
      b_demo_freecamspeed 800 controls the freecam movement speed, similar to g_speed
      b_demo_grenadecam 0 attach the camera to these types of grenades during demo playback, 1 = grenades, 2 = airstrike markers, smoke grenades
      b_demo_lookat -1 causes the freecam to lock its view on the specified player (-1 disables)
      b_demo_mortarcam 0 attach the camera to this type of weapon during demo playback, valid values: 0, 1
      b_demo_nametags 0 a bitmask controlling how floating names above each player are drawn during demo playback and when spectating as a shoutcaster, 1 = draw visible players, 2 = draw all players, 4 = draw the player's client number, 8 = draw the player's class
      b_demo_nopitch 1 when set to 1, the camera doesn't pitch while it's attached to weapons
      b_demo_panzercam 0 attach the camera to this type of weapon during demo playback, valid values: 0, 1
      b_demo_pitchturnspeed 140 defines the speed while using the +freecam_* commands (demo playback only), the units are degrees/second
      b_demo_playersprites 1 controls whether the floating sprites are drawn over players' heads in demo playback
      b_demo_pvshint 0 draws a line from the freecam origin to the origin of the demo recorder, valid values: 0, 1
      b_demo_rollspeed 140 defines the speed while using the +freecam_* commands (demo playback only), the units are degrees/second
      b_demo_teamonlymissilecam 0 only attach the camera to weapons fired by your own team, valid values: 0, 1
      b_demo_yawturnspeed 140 defines the speed while using the +freecam_* commands (demo playback only), the units are degrees/second
      b_descriptiveTextscale 0.8 scales the limbo HUD text
      b_drawclock 0 when set to 1, a clock with your local time is drawn on the HUD, valid values: 0, 1
      b_drawpromotions 1 controls whether the "Promoted to rank <rank>" messages are shown, valid values: 0, 1
      b_drawranks 1 when set to 1, the ranks of other players are drawn when using cg_crosshairnames, valid values: 0, 1
      b_drawrewards 1 controls whether skill level increase and reward messages are shown, valid values: 0, 1
      b_drawspectatoralpha 1.0 defines the alpha of the "spectator", "shoutcaster", "freecam", etc. notices, valid values: 0 - 1.0
      b_drawspectatorteamflags 1 draw a small team flag near the player name when following players in spectator mode, valid values: 0, 1
      b_drawspeed 0 draws a speedometer on the HUD, valid values: 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
      b_fireteamAlpha 1 defines the alpha of the fireteam overlay, valid values: anything between 0 and 1
      b_fireteamLatchedClass 0 toggle showing latched playerclass instead of rank in the fireteam HUD display
      b_goatsound 1 enables the OSP goat sound on knife kills, valid values: 0, 1
      b_hitsounds 1 enables hitsounds, 0 = disable, 1 = enable, 2 = enable for headshots only
      b_hudYoffset 10 moves the HUD up so it is out of the way of the demo status line
      b_lagometerAlpha 1 defines the alpha of the lagometer, valid values: anything between 0 and 1
      b_locationJustify 0 alignment of location names in fireteam HUD table, -1 = left padding, 0 = left, 1 = right padding
      b_locationMaxChars 25 max number of characters for location name in the fireteam HUD table
      b_locationMode 0 bitmask to control how locations are displayed, 0 = Default, currently equivalent to '1', 1 = Show location names, 2 = Show location coordinates, 4 = Do not check whether locations are in your PVS when searching for a location name, 8 = Do not fall back to location coordinates when no location name was found; instead, show "unknown"
      b_logbanners 1 force logging of server banners to the console, valid values: 0, 1
      b_mapzoom 5.159 zoom level for the map shown in the compass, valid values: 1.0-7.43
      b_muzzleflash 1 when set to 1, first-person muzzleflash is drawn, valid values: 0, 1
      b_noactivatelean 0 disables leaning behavior when strafing with +activate, valid values: 0, 1
      b_numPopups -1 controls the number of popup messages on the HUD, -1 = default, 0 = disable popups, n = number of popups
      b_optimizePrediction 1 attempt to use previously calculated prediction results when possible to increase performance, valid values: 0, 1
      b_panzerhack 1 if set to 1, the secondary MP40/Thompson (for a soldier with level 4 heavy weapons) is moved to weaponbank 2
      b_popupFadeTime 2500 defines the time in milliseconds that popups take to fade out
      b_popupStayTime 2000 defines the time in milliseconds that popups will stay before fading
      b_popupTime 1000 the time in milliseconds between popups
      b_predefineddemokeys 1 if this is set to 1, demo playback uses hard-coded key bindings, which cannot be overridden
      b_shovesounds 1 enables shove sounds, valid values: 0, 1
      b_simpleItems 0 draw sprites instead of models for items for a slight performance/visibility increase, valid values: 0, 1
      b_speedinterval 100 the time in milliseconds between two speedometer updates
      b_speedunit 0 the speedunit used for the ups meter, valid values: 0 (UPS), 1(mi/h), 2(km/h)
      b_textcolorfilter "" strips certain color characters from most text messages
      b_tjg_ghostfx 2 special effects for trickjump ghosts to distinguish them from normal players, 0 = no effect, 1 = flicker, 2 = ghost, 3 = flaming, 4 = flame only
      b_tjl_draw 1 when set to 0, no trickjump lines will be drawn, valid values: 0, 1
      b_tjl_color green sets the default trickjump line color
      b_tjl_quickslot 0 defines the slot used when specifying "quickslot" to tjl_startrecord. This is also the slot used by tjl_menu.
      b_tjl_showmaxspeed 0 when set to 1, the top speed reached will be drawn at the appropriate point on a trickjump line
      b_tjl_stepsize 0.5 the minimum distance between any two points of the drawn trickjump line
      b_tjl_stoponnomove 1 when set to 1, trickjump line recording will automatically stop when the player being recorded stops moving
      b_tracers 1 enable/disable bullet tracers, valid values: 0 = no tracers, 1 = show all tracers, 2 = don't show own tracers
      b_votetextscale 0.8 defines the scaling for the vote text
      b_watermarkAlpha 1 defines the alpha of the watermark, valid values: anything between 0 and 1
      b_weapaltReloads 1 controls weather weapalt doubles as reload for weapons lacking an alternate fire mode, valid values: 0, 1

      cf = game stats

      CVAR default description
      cf_wstats 1.2 specifies the font scale of the +wstats window
      cf_wtopshots 1.0 specifies the font scale of the +wtopshots window

      cg = client game (cgame.dll as opposed to engine)

      CVAR default description
      cg_announcer 1 toggles the announcer voice on map start ("FIGHT!"), win (Allies win!) etc
      cg_atmosphericEffects 1 toggles display of map effects like rain and snow
      cg_autoAction 0 bitmask value that gives a variety of functions to always perform, 1 = demos, 2 = screenshot, 4 = stats, 8 = stopwatch only
      cg_autoActivate 1 toggles automatically picking up items (paks, weapons etc)
      cg_autoReload 1 toggles automatically reloading weapon when clip becomes empty
      cg_autoSwitch 0 toggles automatically changing weapon when current one is out of ammo
      cg_blinktime 0 duration of "blink" blackout when taking damage in milliseconds
      cg_bloodDamageBlend 1.0 amount of blood flashed on screen when you take damage
      cg_bloodFlash 1.0 toggles the blood effect when you are shot
      cg_bloodTime 120 duration of blood puddle effect on walls/floor etc
      cg_bobpitch 0.002 sets extent of the bob pitch (forwards/backwards) effect when moving
      cg_bobroll 0.002 sets extent of the bob roll (left/right) effect when moving
      cg_bobup 0.005 sets extent of the vertical "bob" effect when moving
      cg_bobyaw 0.002 sets extent of the "bob" yaw (turn left/right) effect when moving
      cg_brassTime 2500 sets the duration ejected bullet shells etc last for
      cg_cameraOrbitDelay 50 associated with camera spinning around when you're dead
      cg_complaintPopUp 1 toggles wether to show the popup about filing complaints after a teamkill
      cg_coronafardist 1536 either the size or cull distance of corona effect
      cg_coronas 1 toggles the corona effect around lights
      cg_crosshairAlpha 1.0 sets the transparency of the crosshair
      cg_crosshairAlphaAlt 1.0 sets the transparency of the secondary crosshair
      cg_crosshairColor white sets the colour of the crosshair
      cg_crosshairColorAlt white sets the colour of the secondary crosshair, usually the surrounding part
      cg_crosshairHealth 0 toggles crosshair changing colour to indicate your health
      cg_crosshairPulse 1 toggles the crosshair changing size according to bullet spread
      cg_crosshairSize 48 size/scale of the crosshair
      cg_crosshairX 0 move crosshair on x axis (left/right)
      cg_crosshairY 0 move crosshair on y axis (up/down)
      cg_cursorHints 1 toggles displaying action hint icons when near interactive objects
      cg_cycleAllWeaps 1 include non-weapon items when scrolling with weapnext (mousewheel)
      cg_deferPlayers 1 toggle only loading models at convenient times
      cg_descriptiveText 1 toggles the display of "you killed xxxx"
      cg_draw2D 1 toggles all 2D items on the HUD display
      cg_drawBuddies 1 toggle showing the icon above players in your fireteam
      cg_drawCompass 1 toggles displaying the compass on the HUD
      cg_drawCrosshair 1 sets which crosshair to use
      cg_drawCrosshairNames 1 wether to draw the names of players when crosshair is on them
      cg_drawCrosshairPickups 1 toggles a hand icon when crosshair is over items you can pick up
      cg_drawFireteamOverlay 1 toggles the Fireteam overlay on the HUD
      cg_drawFPS 0 toggles a FPS counter on the HUD, in etpro 2 enables a more accurate framerate counter
      cg_drawGun 1 toggles displaying your weapon
      cg_drawNotifyText 1 toggles displaying 'notification' text on the HUD
      cg_drawReinforcementTime 1 toggles displaying your teams' respawn timer on the HUD
      cg_drawRoundTimer 1 toggles a countdown of the time left for the current map
      cg_drawSmallPopupIcons 0 show smaller popup messages
      cg_drawSnapshot 0 toggle a display showing snapshot counter
      cg_drawSpreadScale 1 show crosshair changing relevant to spread
      cg_drawStatus 1 alpha (transparency) of the watermark HUD display, if the server has one
      cg_drawTeamOverlay 2 toggle size/info shown in something akin to fireteam HUD item
      cg_drawWeaponIconFlash 2 flashes the weapon's icon on certain events
      cg_errordecay 100 supposed to decay prediction errors over several frames instead of correcting in one jerk
      cg_fastSolids 1  
      cg_fov 90 sets the player's Field of View
      cg_gibs 1 toggles gibbage from splatted bodies
      cg_hudAlpha 4.0 alpha (transparency) of the HUD display
      cg_instanttapout 0 go instantly to limbo, do not wait for medics
      cg_lagometer 0 toggles a connection-related display on the HUD
      cg_marktime 20000 duration of bullet marks on walls etc
      cg_noAmmoAutoSwitch 1 toggles wether to change weapon when it is out of ammo
      cg_noTaunt 0 Q3 relic, instead see cg_noVoiceChats and cg_noVoiceText
      cg_noVoiceChats 0 toggles the audio of voice chats
      cg_noVoiceText 0 toggles displaying the text of voice chats
      cg_popupLimboMenu 1 toggles automatically popping up limbo menu on tapout
      cg_predictItems 1 toggle use of prediction for picking up items.
      cg_printObjectiveInfo 1 toggle displaying popup message on objective activity, "east radar parts returned"
      cg_quickMessageAlt 1 sets wether voice chat system uses numbers (1) or apha (letters, 0)
      cg_railTrailTime 400 duration bullet 'trails' last for with g_debugBullets.
      cg_recording_statusline 9 move the demo recording text around, 0 to remove
      cg_runpitch 0.002 see cg_bobpitch
      cg_runroll 0.005 see cg_bobroll
      cg_shadows 1 toggles display of player model shadows
      cg_showblood 1 toggles showing blood spurt effect when player's are shot
      cg_specHelp 1 toggle displaying spectator help
      cg_stereoSeparation 0.4 set the stereo seperation, how far apart the red and green are
      cg_teamChatHeight 8 number of rows of chats
      cg_teamChatsOnly 0 toggles only displaying chats from teammates
      cg_teamChatTime 8000 duration chats are displayed for
      cg_tracerchance 0.4 likelihood of bullet tracers
      cg_tracerlength 160 length of bullet tracers
      cg_tracerSpeed 4500 speed of bullet tracers
      cg_tracerwidth 0.8 width of bullet tracers
      cg_useScreenshotJPEG 1 wether autoScreenshot's are of the JPEG or TGA format
      cg_useWeapsForZoom 1 weapnext/weapprev keys zoom in/out for zoom weapons, 0 = off, 1 = on, 2 = inverse
      cg_viewsize 100 supposed to be for setting the % of screen actually displaying rendered game
      cg_voiceSpriteTime 6000 duration of the ! Vsay indicator sprite above player heads in milliseconds
      cg_weaponCycleDelay 150 delay between accepting a new weapon has been selected, due to mousewheel errors
      cg_wolfparticles 1 toggles display of particle effects, e.g. explosions, some smoke effects.
      cg_zoomDefaultBinoc 22.5 initial zoom with binocular
      cg_zoomDefaultFG 55 initial zoom with FG
      cg_zoomDefaultSniper 20 initial zoom with sniper/binocular, 4 = fully in, 20 = fully out
      cg_zoomDefaultSnooper 40 initial zoom with snooper rifle
      cg_zoomfov 22.5 field of view when zoomed
      cg_zoomStepBinoc 3 rate of change when zoomin/zoomout with binocular
      cg_zoomStepFG 10 rate of change when zoomin/zoomout with FG
      cg_zoomStepSniper 2 16/n = how many steps of incremental zoomin/zoomout for both binoc and sniper
      cg_zoomStepSnooper 5 rate of change when zoomin/zoomout with snooper rifle

      cl = client engine

      CVAR default description
      cl_allowDownload 1 toggles downloading missing files from the server
      cl_anonymous 0 this is included in the info you send on connect and server keeps in console logs, but nobody knows what it's for
      cl_autoupdate 1 toggle automatic game update checks on launch
      cl_doubletapdelay 350 sets the delay between keypresses required to be a double-tap
      cl_freelook 1 look around using the mouse
      cl_language 9 stores the language of user's ET
      cl_maxpackets 30 cap for data packet transmissions (upstream)
      cl_maxPing 800 don't show servers with a higher ping than this in server browser
      cl_mouseAccel 0 toggles mouse acceleration
      cl_packetdup 1 number of duplicates for every data packet sent upstream, minimized packetloss
      cl_pitchspeed 140 turn speed when using keyboard to look up/down
      cl_punkbuster 0 toggles Punkbuster anticheat for client
      cl_run 1 toggle 'always run' setting
      cl_timeNudge 0 supposed to be for adjusting prediction for your ping. Don't bother, use antilag
      cl_wwwDownload 1 toggles downloading missing files from a www file server
      cl_yawspeed 140 turn speed when using keyboard +left/right

      com = common

      CVAR default description
      com_hunkMegs 56 amount of memory (MB) assign to the hunk
      com_maxfps 85 sets cap on the frames per second. 125, 76 and 43 common 'tweak' values, as better for jumping
      com_soundMegs 24 sets the amount of memory (MB) to allocate for loaded sound files
      com_zoneMegs 24 amount of RAM to allocate to map and texture loading

      con = console

      CVAR default description
      con_autoclear 1 toggle to clear console automatically on game start
      con_debug 0  

      demo = demo view

      CVAR default description
      demo_avifpsF1 0 screenshots per second when recording a movie from a demo and pressing F1
      demo_avifpsF2 10 screenshots per second when recording a movie from a demo and pressing F2
      demo_avifpsF3 15 screenshots per second when recording a movie from a demo and pressing F3
      demo_avifpsF4 20 screenshots per second when recording a movie from a demo and pressing F4
      demo_avifpsF5 25 screenshots per second when recording a movie from a demo and pressing F5
      demo_drawTimeScale 1 display the current timescale (fast-forward) of playing demo
      demo_infoWindow 0 toggle to show the demo information popup

      m = mouse

      CVAR default description
      m_filter 0 toggles mouse filter (mouse smoothing)
      m_forward 0.25  
      m_pitch 0.022 sets the mouse pitch (up/down)
      m_side 0.25  
      m_yaw 0.022 sets the mouse yaw (left/right)

      net = configs netcode

      CVAR default description
      net_noipx 0 toggle IPX network protocol
      net_noudp 0 toggle UDP network protocol

      r = renderer

      CVAR default description
      r_allowExtensions 1 toggle allowing video-driver opengl extensions
      r_ambientScale 0.5 strength of the player model ambient lighting
      r_ati_fsaa_samples 1 ATI video card stuff
      r_ati_truform_normalmode see: ATI video card truform stuff, default: GL_PN_TRIANGLES_NORMAL_MODE_LINEAR
      r_ati_truform_pointmode see: ATI video card truform stuff, default: GL_PN_TRIANGLES_POINT_MODE_LINEAR
      r_ati_truform_tess 1 ATI video card truform stuff
      r_cacheShaders 1  
      r_clampToEdge 1 something to do with clamping fog
      r_clear 0 used for map dev: clears the screen with a horrible pink color
      r_colorbits 0 colour depth, 16/32
      r_colorMipLevels 0  
      r_customaspect 1 toggles wether to use the custom resolution
      r_customheight 1024 to set height of a custom resolution
      r_customwidth 1600 to set width of a custom resolution
      r_depthbits 0  
      r_detailtextures 1 wether to use high detail textures
      r_displayRefresh 0 set the refresh rate of monitor
      r_dlightBacks 1  
      r_drawentities 1 toggles drawing of players
      r_drawfoliage 1 toggles drawing foliage (e.g. all the grass on Radar)
      r_drawSun 1 toggles drawing the image of the sun in the sky
      r_drawworld 1 toggles drawing of the "world"
      r_dynamiclight 1 toggles use of dynamic lighting effect
      r_ext_ATI_pntriangles 0  
      r_ext_compiled_vertex_array 1  
      r_ext_compressed_textures 1 toggles the compress textures
      r_ext_gamma_control 1  
      r_ext_multitexture 1  
      r_ext_NV_fog_dist 0  
      r_ext_texture_env_add 1  
      r_ext_texture_filter_anisotropic 0 toggles anisotropic filtering, 1 to enable, r_textureAnisotropy to set the level
      r_facePlaneCull 1 wether to not render the hidden side of objects in view
      r_fastsky 0 toggles wether the detailed skybox is drawn or just a basic sky
      r_finish 0 toggles sync every frame
      r_flares 1 toggle flare effect around certain dynamic lights
      r_fullscreen 1 toggle between fullscreen and windowed mode
      r_gamma 1.3 sets gamma (form of brightness) level, gamma correction
      r_glDriver opengl32
      r_glIgnoreWicked3D 0  
      r_highQualityVideo 1  
      r_ignoreFastPath 0  
      r_ignoreGLErrors 1  
      r_ignorehwgamma 0 toggles ignoring the hardware gamma settings
      r_inGameVideo 1 toggle use of video clips in game (limbo menu)
      r_intensity 1 sets intensity level
      r_lightmap 0  
      r_lodbias 0 geometric detail level, 0 = high, 1 = medium, 2 = low, 3 = custom
      r_lodCurveError 250 determines how quickly polygons are pulled out with distance
      r_lodscale 5  
      r_mapoverbrightbits 2 set brightness of light on textures
      r_mode 4 set screen resolution
      r_nocull 0 toggle wether to render hidden objects
      r_nocurves 0  
      r_normallength 0.5  
      r_nv_fogdist_mode see: default: GL_EYE_RADIAL_NV
      r_oldMode "" old resolution mode
      r_overBrightBits 0 brightness setting
      r_picmip 1 texture detail level, 0 = high, 1 = medium, 2 = low, 3 = custom
      r_primitives 0  
      r_railCoreWidth 1  
      r_railSegmentLength 32  
      r_railWidth 16  
      r_rmse 0.0  
      r_roundImagesDown 1 toggles rounding of images
      r_showmodelbounds 0  
      r_shownormals 0 can be used to detect wallhacks when watching demos
      r_showtris 0 toggles showing of vectors
      r_simpleMipMaps 1  
      r_singleShader 0  
      r_smp 0  
      r_stencilbits 0  
      r_stereo 0 for stereo OpenGL, 3D glasses type thing
      r_subdivisions 4 sets number of subdivisions of "curves", increasing makes curves into straights
      r_swapInterval 0  
      r_textureAnisotropy 1.0 set level of anisotropic texture filtering
      r_texturebits 0 number of bits for textures, stick to 32 as 16 is hardly better performance
      r_textureMode see: texture filtering, bilinear = GL_LINEAR_MIPMAP_NEAREST, trilinear = GL_LINEAR_MIPMAP_LINEAR, default: GL_LINEAR_MIPMAP_NEAREST
      r_trisColor see: sets colour for r_tris, usage: r_triscolor r g b a, default: "1.0 1.0 1.0 1.0"
      r_uifullscreen 0 appears functionless in ET, was fog-removal "exploit" in RTCW
      r_wolffog 1 enables and disables fog
      r_zfar 0 distance for culling distant objects
      r_znear 3 distance for culling objects close to player

      s = sound settings

      CVAR default description
      s_bits 16 sound bits
      s_channels 2 sound channels
      s_defaultsound 0  
      s_doppler 1 toggle doppler effect
      s_khz 22 sets frequency of the music, very high quality = 44, high = 22, low = 11
      s_mixahead 0.2 for mixing audio
      s_mixPreStep 0.05  
      s_musicvolume 0.25 sets volume of the music, multiplier value (0.0 to 1.0)
      s_separation 0.5 stereo seperation
      s_volume 0.8 sets volume of the game sounds, multiplier value (0.0 to 1.0)
      s_wavonly 0 toggles playing only .wav files

      ui = user interface and browser settings

      CVAR default description
      ui_autoredirect 0 toggle allowing servers to auto-redirect you to another server when full
      ui_browserShowAntilag 0 server browser: selects servers running specific gametypes
      ui_browserShowEmptyOrFull 0 server browser: empty or full servers, 0 = both, 1 = only show, 2 = don't show
      ui_browserShowETPro 1 server browser: servers running ETPro mod, 0 = both, 1 = only show, 2 = don't show
      ui_browserShowFriendlyFire 0 server browser: servers with Friendly Fire, 0 = both, 1 = only show, 2 = don't show
      ui_browserShowMaxlives 0 server browser: servers with limited lives, 0 = both, 1 = only show, 2 = don't show
      ui_browserShowPasswordProtected 0 server browser: passworded servers, 0 = both, 1 = only show, 2 = don't show
      ui_browserShowPunkBuster 0 server browser: PunkBuster servers, 0 = both, 1 = only show, 2 = don't show
      ui_browserShowTeamBalanced 0 server browser: servers forcing balanced teams, 0 = both, 1 = only show, 2 = don't show
      ui_browserShowWeaponsRestricted 0 server browser: servers with weapon restrictions, 0 = both, 1 = only show, 2 = don't show
      ui_joinGameType -1 server browser: selects servers running specific gametypes, -1 = all, 2 = objective, 3 = stopwatch, 4 = campaign, 5 = last man standing
      ui_netSource 1 server browser: selects servers from source, 0 = local, 1 = internet, 2 = favorites

      vid = video positioning

      CVAR default description
      vid_xpos 3 X axis offset for moving the game-screen around
      vid_ypos 22 Y axis offset for moving the game-screen around

      vm = virtual machine

      CVAR default description
      vm_cgame 0  
      vm_game 0  
      vm_ui 0  

      miscellaneous other settings

      CVAR default description
      cm_playerCurveClip 1  
      devdll 1  
      logfile 0 toggles saving a logfile
      mv_sensitivity 20 multiview sensitivity
      pmove_fixed 0 affects game physiscs, see here
      pmove_msec 8 affects game physiscs, see here
      rate 5000 cap on the connection bandwidth to use, 1000=1KB/s, for 56k use about 4000, broadband 25000
      scr_conspeed 3 console speed
      sensitivity 5 used for setting the mouse sensitivity
      snaps 20 "snapshots" for server to send you

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