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Script & Bind Creator
OutCast**NL's Script & Bind Creatorv2.0

OutCast**NL's Script & Bind Creator provides you with a fast and easy way
to create your own scripts. You can write either a single Bind or a complete Script.
Each script can contain upto 5 Strings, each string can contain
an unlimited # of Commands/Variables.

The new version is compatible with pretty much all Q3 engine based games.
(Q3/ RtcW/ Cod/ SoF/ ET etc.)
But, since all data (keys/categories/commands) is loaded external,
it can easaly be adjusted/ extended. (view Reame.txt for more info)

The "Projector.exe" also allows you to create .cfg files or add your script to an existing .cfg file.
(windows only !!)


Forum » CFG & Scripts » CFG & Scripts » Script & Bind Creator
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