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Wolfenstein PC cases
Case Modding (von engl. case = Gehäuse, engl. modification = Veränderung) ist primär das Verändern der äußeren Erscheinungsform des PCs zur optischen Aufwertung. Hierzu zählt hauptsächlich die optische Bearbeitung der im normalen Gehäuse nicht sichtbaren Komponenten. Ferner kann auch die technische Modifikation der Hardware-Komponenten als Modding bezeichnet werden.

Nun hat einer der bekanntesten Case Modder die NZXT Panzerbox etwas aufgehübscht. CustomPCMAX (www.custompcmax.com) hat zusammen mit MNPCTech.com (www.mnpctech.com) die Panzerbox mit dem Thema Wolfenstein gemoddet. Es ist die erste gmoddete Version der Panzerbox.

“Sheyr,” who has worked so hard on this thing that has even make a notice of Ben Heckendorn, well-known for modding the Xbox 360 in every possible way. And Ben really had a lot of good things to say about the FuG-01/ET, but for more personal considerations.
Also the case itself, “Sheyr” has as well done paintwork on a some of computer parts, namely a keyboard and mouse. And even as these two peripherals have not undergone wide transformations but just a paint job, the effect is a very remarkable one, the two computer parts representing a very good match for the FuG-01/ET.
Planned to look like a “Wolfenstein Radiostation”, it features an AMD Athlon 2200+ processor, ASUS VIA KT400 motherboard, ATI Radeon 9600 graphics card, 60GB hard drive, and a DVD R/W drive. It comes total with a custom paint job, receiver, antenna, gauges-meters, and authentic/looking decals.

These 6 cases were airbrushed to promote the 2009 version of Wolfenstein by Activision.
Airbrush work was completed to look completely battle damaged with airbrushed bullet holes, schrapnel damage, exposed ammo and damaged logos; all finished off with a beautiful matte clear top coat.

Included in the pics here is a cool macro shot of all 6 cases together and a catalogue scan of one of the airbrushed cases in the competition in the Harvy Norman Australian Catalogue.

RtCW Case Mod by fastplay

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