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History about us

What is *etpro.de / *pd ?

*pd is an international Enemy Territory Gaming Community with a great variety
of different ET servers. The *pd Community started in the Summer of 2008
with a few enthusiastic ET gamers who wanted to built a community that offers
both fun and quality. The main server, which contains the website and gaming
servers, is located in Germany.

How can i become an *pd member ?

Membership is only possible through an invitation.

When we invite someone to our community there are many factors which play a role
in the invitation process. Some of the factors we take in mind;

Respect our Server and Forum rules at all time - read our Rules
Show us some skills and/or your passion for the game
Respect our admins, members and players at all time and try to help where possible
Always behave in a mature way - don′t whine, don′t insult, don′t curse
Register at our Forums - www.etpro.de

Wearing the *pd tag without our authorization is forbidden, check our rules for
more information.


*pd @

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